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Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

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Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul   
Artist Title Comments Label Price £  
Showmen The honey house / Please try and undersatnd EX-/2 superb sides Swan 15
Showmen The Honey House/Please Try And Understand M-/2 superb sides Swan 20
Swans You better be a good girl now EX-/stmol/great girl group Swan 12
Swans You better be a good girl now M-/w/demo/recommended Swan 25
Teddy & Twilights I'm just your clown EX-/sm wol/great Swan 15
Valentino, Mark Walking alone VG-/lbl tear-flip/2 good sides Swan 10
Valentino, Mark Walking alone/Push and kick VG+/wol-flip//2 good sides Swan 15
Valentino, Mark Walking alone/Push and kick M-/ink stamp-flip/2 good sides Swan 20
Corvairs A victim of her charms/Love is such a good thing EX-/w/demo/2 great sides Sylvia 35
Corvairs A victim of her charms / Love is such a good thing M-/w/demo/2 great sides Sylvia 40
Baines, Vicki Sweeter than sweet things / We can find that love EX+/1st label/superb/great flip too/rare Symbol 75
Vows The things you do to me M-/great Tamara 30
Holloway, Brenda I'll be available / Operator M-/w/demo/twin globes/2 great sides Tamla 25
Holloway, Brenda Just look what you've done / Starting the hurt all over again M-/Inc Co slv/2 superb sides Tamla 15
Holloway, Brenda When I'm gone (2 light x's ol) / I've been good to you EX-/w/demo/114312 mix/2 great sides Tamla 30
Holloway, Brenda When I'm gone (light xol) / Blank M-/w/demo/118209 mix/2 great sides Tamla 50
Marvelettes A breath taking guy / Same EX-/w/demo/great Tamla 8
Marvelettes I'll keep on holding on VG++/sol/Inc black Co slv/classic Tamla 35
Marvelettes I'll keep on holding on M-/classic Tamla 50
Marvelettes I'll keep on holding on EX+/wol/Canada/Inc Co slv/classic/rare Canadian release Tamla 50
Marvelettes I'll keep on holding on (feint wol) EX-/classic Tamla 40
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell If I could build my whole world around you / same M-/w/demo/superb Tamla 20
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Two can have a party M-/superb Tamla 10
Miracles If your mother only knew VG+/classic Tamla 30
Miracles If your mother only knew VG++/classic Tamla 35
Miracles If your mother only knew M-/wol-flip/Inc black-gold print Co slv/classic Tamla 40
Miracles I'll try something new M-/sm wol/sm sol/recomnded Tamla 20
Miracles I'll try something new EX+/recommended Tamla 25
Miracles Whole lot of shakin' in my heart VG++/twin globes label/superb Tamla 12
Miracles Whole lot of shakin' in my heart EX+/v sl lbl stain/twin globes label/superb Tamla 15
Miracles Whole lot of shakin' in my heart EX+/sol/twin globes label/superb Tamla 15
Wonder, Stevie Nothings too good for my baby EX+/superb Tamla 10
Andrews, Dee Stop! You're hurting my heart M-/w/demo/recommended Tangerine 25
Gunter, Shirley Stuck up M-/ w/demo/recommended Tangerine 30
Rhythm Rebellion Spellbinder EX-/great Tangerine 6
Joy, Barbara Do this do that M-/sl warp-nap Target 12
Wally & The Knight Hang on little mama M-/superb R&B Tarx 20
Reid,Clarence Along came a woman M-/great Tay-ster 8
Little Joe & Latinaires Hey pretty baby VG/wol-flip/recommended/rare Tear Drop 20
Fawns Bless you / Girl in trouble M-/2 great sides TEC 12
Bill Penny and The Pacemakers I can't stay / Stick with it EX+/superb/great inst flip too/rare Tempo 100
Tko's Dancing with my baby / Getting into something EX+/2 great inst's Ten Star 15
Johnny Little John Can't be still M-/great R&B Terrell 20
Soul Exotics Baby It's true / Darlin' M-/superb/great flip too Terri 125
Incredibles All of a sudden / Standing here crying (wol) M-/w/demo/2 great sides Tetragrammaton 15
Laskey, Emauel Don't lead me on / What did I do wrong EX-/BellSound stamped/classic/great flip too Thelma 150
Matthews, Joe Sorry ain't good enough / You better mend your ways M-/hazey marks on vinyl-nap/2 great sides Thelma 25
Jamo Thomas & His Party Bros Orch I spy (for the FBI) EX/silver lbl/superb/classic Thomas 15
Metrix Gonna have to put you down EX-/great/rare Tiara 35
Metrix Gonna Have To Put You Down M-/great/rare Tiara 40
Bright, Larry (I'm a) mojo man M-/R&B Tide 30
Clark, Lewis If you ever, ever leave me M-/superb smooth R&B Tigertown 75
Nicole Willis & Soul Communicators If this ain't love (don't know what is) / Inst. M-/Finland/yellow lbl/fantastic Timmion 6
Nicole Willis & Soul Communicators My four leaf clover / Holdin' on M-/black label/fantastic Timmion 6
Johnson, Syl I've got to get over / Falling in love again M-/2 great sides TMP-Ting 15
Bull & The Matadors I can't forget / Move with the groove EX-/2 great sides Toddlin' Town 8
Bull & The Matadors If you decide M-//superb Toddlin' Town 30
Bull & The Matadors If you decide M-/w/demo/xol/superb/rare demo Toddlin' Town 40
Chandler, Deniece I don't wanna cry / Good bye cruel world M-/awesome soul Toddlin' Town 15
Thomas East & The Fabulous Playboys I get a groove EX-/funk Toddlin' Town 8
Kal David & Exceptions Daydreaming of you M-/recommended Tollie 30
Strong, Barrett I better run / Make up your mind (lite label ring) EX-/tiny edge bump-nap/2 great sides Tollie 45
Strong, Barrett I better run / Make up your mind (sm slight label ring) M-/2 great sides Tollie 60
Hal Miller & Rays An angel cried VG+/great Topix 20
Hal Miller & Rays An angel cried EX-/great Topix 25
Hal Miller & Rays An angel cried M-/sol/great Topix 30
Champions Three blocks away / In the ring M-/2 great sides Tower 20
Ford, Mary One in a million M-/nice version Tower 15
Marlynns My heart is yours / The break (wol) VG++/yellow label/2 great sides/rare Tower 75
Miller, Mary Here comes the heartache M-/nice mid-tempo Tower 10
Passions Without a warning / I can see my way through EX+/superb/great flip too Tower 25
Passions Without a warning / Just like a rolling sea M-/w/demo/2 superb sides Tower 30
Hamlin, Billy Somebody please M-/recommended Toy 15
Royal, Margaret I'll never go away M-/sl lbl stain/highly recommended Tra-x 35
Adams, Lindy A bird in the hand M-/great Tri Disc 15
Shelley Du Pont & Calendars Stop driving me crazy M-/ink stamp ol/great Tribune 12
Shelley Du Pont & Calendars Stop driving me crazy M-/great Tribune 15
Harvey Any way you wanta EX+/classic Tri-Phi 85
Harvey Any way you wanta (xol) EX-/w/demo/classic Tri-Phi 100
Seay, Frankie All I want is loving you / Baby please M-/2 great sides Tropical 100
Gardner, Don Aint gonna let you get me down M-/superb Tru-Glo-Town 25
Moore, Joe Nobody loves me / Hang right in there M-/2 great sides Tru-Glo-Town 50
Sandpipers All over but the crying M-/w/demo/great Tru-Glo-Town 20
Symphonics Our love will grow M-/great group soul Tru-lite 30
Lee, Carol I'll buy you gold M-/w/demo Tru-sound 20
Fantastic Vantastics Gee what a boy EX-/great Tuff 15
Jamison, Gay Stay another day / Cause you're on my mind EX/w/demo/2 great big production sides Turntable 100
Smith, George I've had it / When love turns to pity EX/w/demo/2 superb sides Turntable 125
Dynamic Tints Falling in love EX+/great Twinight 40
Guild You've got the cutest smile M-/w/demo/nice Twinight 20
Radiants Don't wanna face the truth / My sunshine girl M-/fantastic/needs re-activating!/great flip too Twinight 30
Williams, Johnny Breaking point (2 sm x's ol) EX-/w/demo/recommended/rare DJ Twinight 25
Williams, Johnny Maggie / Breaking point EX-/w/demo/2 great sides/rare demo Twinight 30
Williams, Johnny Maggie/Breaking Point M-/w/demo/2 great sides/rare demo Twinight 40
Stan Gorman & The Revolvers I love lovin you EX+/sl marks ol/recommended Ty Tex 50
Bobby Jones & The Para-monts Beware a stranger / Check me out (sm stmol) M-/tiny warp-nap/2 superb sides U.S.A. 25
Chicago Fire Come see what I got VG+/demo/great U.S.A. 30
Everett, Betty Unlucky girl M-/recommended Uni 15
Everett, Betty Unlucky girl EX/demo/recommended Uni 20
Green, Garland All she did…. / Don't think that I'm a violent guy M-/2 great sides Uni 10
Lovelites This love is real / Oh my love M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 nice sides Uni 15
Mirettes Ain't you trying to cross over / Whirlpool M-/recommended Uni 12
Barnes, Billy I'm coming to see you VG++/w/demo/great United Artists 15
Barnes, Billy You'd Have To Fall In Love M- United Artists 8
Crystals My place(xol)/You can't tie a good girl down EX+/w/demo/2 great sides United Artists 30
Crystals My place (xo) / You can't tie a good girl down EX-/wol/w/demo United Artists 25
Davis, Joyce Moments/Superman EX-/great/R&B flip United Artists 12
Davis, Joyce Moments / Superman M-/great/R&B flip United Artists 15
Elektras It ain't as easy as that EX-/w/demo United Artists 20
Jive Five I'm a happy man EX-/sm sol/great United Artists 5
Johnson, Marv All the love I've got M-/recommended United Artists 15
Johnson, Marv All the love I've got M-/w/demo/recommended United Artists 20
Johnson, Marv Don't leave me M-/great United Artists 20
Love Chain Sensative vibrations M-/w/demo United Artists 20
Mimms, Garnet Look away M-/recommended United Artists 15
Smith, Roy I can remember M-/demo/recommended United Artists 30
St. John, Rose Mend my broken heart / And if I had my way (wol) EX-/w/demo/2 great sides United Artists 100
Sue, Karen Something on my mind EX-/highly recommended/rare issue-stock copy United Artists 60
Thomas, Gene I'd rather not talk about it EX/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb United Artists 45
Thomas, Gene I'd rather not talk about it M-/w/demo/superb United Artists 50
Lorri, Mary Ann I wanna thank you M-/w/demo/recommended United International 40
Mintz, Charles Running back / inst. M-/re-iss/with pic. Sleeve Up Look 12
Four Larks It's unbelievable EX-/w/demo/great Uptown 12
Intertains Gotta find a girl / I see the light M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb sides Uptown 30
Elgins Street Scene / You found yourself another fool EX+/2 great sides Valiant 50
Lewis, Debra A million tears EX+/recommended Valiant 20
Lewis, Debra A million tears M-/w/demo/recommended Valiant 25
Lewis, Debra You stole him EX+/w/demo/ink stamp ol-flip Valiant 15
Radiations Shaking up the nation M-/great group Valise 15
Brenda Lee Jones You're the love of my life / Thread your needle (stol) M-/Italy/Inc EX- Colour pic slv-2 cellotaped seams/stoc-back/superb Variety 75
Chandler, Gene Check yourself (sm ink stamp ol) M-/w/demo/superb Vee-Jay 30
Everett, Betty Trouble over the weekend / The shoe won't fit M-/w/demo/2 great sides Vee-Jay 15
Flemons, Wade Watch over her M-/recommended Vee-Jay 25
Flemons, Wade Watch over her (2 x's ol) M-/w/demo/recommended Vee-Jay 30
Hughes, Fred You can't take it away M-/great Vee-Jay 8
Hughes, Fred You can't take it away (2 x's ol) M-/w/demo/great Vee-Jay 15
Jackson, Barbara Second best EX+/w/demo/recommended Vee-Jay 30
Jones, Bobby A certain feeling M-/great Vee-Jay 20
Jones, Bobby A certain feeling M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recmnded Vee-Jay 25
Marx, Melinda What / It happens in the same old way M-/M- pic slv-neat d/h/great version and flip Vee-Jay 100
Rivingtons All that glitters M-/w/demo/xol/great group soul Vee-Jay 12
Rivingtons I love you always / Years of tears EX-/w/demo/2 superb sides Vee-Jay 60
Rubies A Spanish boy / Deeper M-/recommended Vee-Jay 15
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on M-/sm wol/stmol/great Vee-Jay 35
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on M-/xol-flip/great Vee-Jay 40
Velasco, Vi I don't want to go on EX+/w/demo/great Vee-Jay 50
Boyd, Bobby My type of dancin' EX/w/demo/great Veep 20
Soul Sisters A thousand mountains / You got 'em beat M-/recommended Veep 15
T-birds Nobody but you / Have you ever been in love before M-/up-tempo/deep Vegas 15
T-birds Nobody but you/Have you ever been in love M-/w/demo/up-tempo/deep Vegas 20
Ballads My baby knows how to love her man EX+/recommended Venture 15
People's Choice You're mine M-/recommended Veroneeca 20
Ambers I love you baby M-/superb/classic Verve 75
Banks, Robert A mighty good way EX-/demo/great Verve 60
Chantels You're welcome to my heart VG++/VG- flip/demo/great Verve 12
Chantels You're welcome to my heart EX-/great Verve 15
Chantels You're welcome to my heart M-/demo/great Verve 20
Chantels You're welcome to my heart EX+/great Verve 20
Fitzgerald, Ella You're driving me crazy M-/great Verve 3
Ganey, Jerry Just a fool (very slight label stain) EX+/demo/classic Verve 75
King Davis House Rockers Baby you satisfy me (very slight label stain) EX+/y/demo/superb Verve 40
Prince Harold Born to please EX-/great Verve 15
Prince Harold Born to please M-/black issue/great Verve 20
Prince, Billy One shot left / Somebody help me M-/demo/2 great sides Verve 20
Stridell, Gene Let her go EX/recommended Verve 60
Velvetones What can the matter be M-/demo/recommended Verve 25
Webs I Want You Back/we Belong Together EX-/classic/superb flip/rare black label Verve 35
Webs I want you back / We belong together M-/classic/superb flip/rare black label Verve 40
Yates, Tommy Darling somethings gotta give / If you're looking for a fool M-/demo/2 great sides Verve 40
Magicians Keep your hands off my baby EX/superb Villa 30
Bossmen Take it easy EX+/w/demo/recommended Vim 75
Clark, Chris Love's gone bad / Put yourself in my place VG++/sl label ring wear/superb/great version on flip VIP 45
Clark, Chris Love's gone bad / Same M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb VIP 85
Dean, Debbie Why am I lovin' you / Same EX/w/demo/classic VIP 75
Monitors Since I lost you girl / Don't put off til tomorrow…… EX/2 fantastic sides VIP 20
Rick, Robin & Him Cause you know me EX-/lite lbl ring/recommended VIP 40
Spinners My whole world ended (the moment you left me) EX+/great VIP 6
Storm,Billy Push over EX-/sm lbl tear/great Vista 15
Keyes, Troy If I had my way M-/Inc EX+ pic slv/superb VMP 15
Dino & Doc A woman can't do (what a man do) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Volt 30
Jeanne & The Darlings Hang me now EX-/xol-flip/great Volt 6
Mad Lads I don't want to lose your love M-/mid-tempo Volt 15
Brown, Maxine If you gotta make a fool of somebody M-/w/demo/great Wand 10
Brown, Maxine Let me give you my lovin VG+/wol/superb Wand 75
Brown, Maxine One in a million VG+/superb Wand 30
Brown, Maxine Yesterday's kisses VG++/wol-flip/superb Wand 15
Brown, Maxine Yesterday's kisses M-/w/demo/superb Wand 30
Diplomats Love ain't what t used to be EX-/sm stol-flip/superb Wand 15
Diplomats There's still a tomorrow EX+/sm xol/superb Wand 25
Dodds, Nella Finders keepers, losers weepers / A girl's life M-/great Wand 15
Esquires Part angel / I don't know M-/recommended Wand 10
Hughes, Freddie Send my baby back M-/superb Wand 12
Inspirations Kiss and make up EX-/v sm lbl tear/great Wand 10
Jackson, Chuck Hand it over / Since I don't have you EX/classic Wand 25
Jackson, Chuck I don't want to cry EX+/great Wand 10
Jackson, Chuck I don't want to cry M-/blue label/great Wand 15
John Steele & Del-Mates Tha fat man M-/great R&B Wand 15
Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces Don't want to lose you (sm wol) EX/Inc Co slv/superb Wand 150
Moore, Johnny Haven't I been good to you (sm wol) / A dollar ninety eight M-/demo/2 superb sides Wand 25
Preyer, Marvin It's coming to me M-/demo/R&B/great Wand 50
Reid, Clarence I refuse to give up EX-/w/demo/superb Wand 35
Robinson, Roscoe That's enough EX+/classic Wand 15
Robinson, Roscoe That's Enough EX/demo/wol/classic Wand 15
Tabs Two stupid feet M-/Inc Co slv/great Wand 25
The Groove Love it's getting better EX/sol/Inc Co slv/superb Wand 40
Wilson, All Help me / Same-Inst EX-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classic Wand 275
Dickens, Charles In the city / That's the way love goes M-/w/demo/2 great sides Warner Bros 30
Invincibles I got soul / This is my story EX+/w/demo/superb/great flip too Warner Bros 40
Little Tony I'm comin home M-/w/demo/sl label stain/superb Warner Bros 25
Turley Freedom mountain M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Warner Bros 6
Wade, Adam Old devil moon EX-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recommended Warner Bros 20
Sensations Too shy/Please baby please M-/VG++ flip/2 great sides Way Out 15
Springers I know my baby loves me so vg+/w/demo Way Out 8
Debanairs Feel all right / Everything I need M-/recommended W-BS 20
Hughes, Freddie Send my baby back / Where's my baby M-/first label/great Wee 20
Fabulous Peps With these eyes (sol) EX-/feint wol/superb Wee 3 60
Del-vons All I did was cry EX-/great group slowie Wells 8
Magictones Happy days / Trying real hard M-/superb/great flip too Westbound 25
Gilford, Jimmy I wanna be your baby / Misery street M-/superb ballad & up-tempo flip Wheelsville 50
Lamp, Buddy I wanna go home / You've got the loving touch EX-/2 great sides Wheelsville 35
Magictones Me and my baby / Got to get a little closer EX-/smwol/2 great sides Wheelsville 30
Experts You're bein' brainwashed baby M-/great Whirl World 15
Powell, Bobby I'm gonna leave you M-/great Whit 15
Powell, Bobby Thank you EX-/w/demo/wol-flip/great mid-tempo R&B/rare Whit 5
Powell, Bobby What are you trying to do to me EX+/nice mid paced R&B Whit 10
Powell, Bobby Who is your lover M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great up-tempo R&B Whit 15
Liz Damon's Orient Express You're falling in love M-/feint stmol-flip/Inc Co slv/great White Whale 8
Scott, Walter Silly girl / Just you wait M-/demo/v. sl. warp-nap/great White Whale 12
Vanguards I can't use you girl M-/highly recommended Whiz 15
Lasky, Emanuel Lucky to be loved by you / Our love (sm wol) VG+/2 great sides Wild Deuce 20
Sharon Soul How can I get to you? / Don't say goodbye love EX-/red-white label/2 great sides Wild Deuce 40
Honeycut, Johnny I'm tired M-/w/demo/recommended Willow 30
Dubs Just you EX+/great Wilshire 15
Dubs Just you M-/demo/great Wilshire 20
Tymes This time it's love M-/classic Winchester 15
Tymes This Time It's Love EX/w/demo/wol/recommended Winchester 15
Tymes This time it's love EX+/w/demo/sol/classic Winchester 20
Five Stairsteps Playgirl's love M-/superb Windy C 12
Five Stairsteps You can't see / Ain't gonna rest M-/great Windy C 12
Quaite, Christine In the middle of the floor EX+/recommended World Artists 15
Church, Eugene Dollar bill EX/demo/great World Pacific 25
Intrigues To make a world / Same EX+/w/demo/great Yew 10
Cortez & Entertainers Life / I sent her back (to to the home she loves) M-/recommended Your Town 25
Johnson, Syl Surrounded / Straight love no chaser M-/superb R&B Zachron 15
Larry & Rexettes / Larry Johnson That ain't all / Mercy EX+/R&B/great inst. Flip Zorro 20
Cormier, Myra G O 2 & the rest of it / Pleasant dreams M-/demo/2 good sides ZZZ 20
Fashions A lover's stand M-/Inc Co slv/recommended 20th Century 15
Lancelot, Rick That's my bag VG+/w/demo 20th Century 8
Renay, Diane Unbelievable guy EX/sm sol-flip/great 20th Century 5
Buck Rodgers Movement Take it from me girl EX-/wol/sol-flip/recommended 21st Century 85
Grayson, Art Bad dreams EX+/demo/recommended 4 Corners 40
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on EX-/great 4J 35
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on M-/great 4J 40
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on EX-/DEMO/great/rare 4J 45
Chester St. Anthony Without you / Together VG+/w/demo/2 great sides A&M 60
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax Sister James EX+/Inc Co slv/2 x's ol/great A&M 12
Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax Sister James M-/w/demo/great/rare demo A&M 25
Pieces Of Eight Lonely drifter M-/highly recommended A&M 8
Dotson, Jimmy Gone, gone, gone / To be your lover M-/2 great sides Aar O Dot 15
Ballard, Flo Florence Love ain't love / Forever faithful EX+/great ABC 20
Ballard, Flo Florence Love ain't love/Forever faithful EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides ABC 25
Barnes, Orthea Your picture on the wall / Same as before M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides ABC 50
Brown, Maxine Am I falling in love EX/at her best! ABC 40
Charles, Ray Hide 'nor hair EX+/sm ink stamp ol-flip/good version ABC 10
Charles, Ray I don't need no doctor M-/Inc Co slv/classic ABC 25
Charles, Ray Something inside me M-/recommended ABC 15

Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul

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Artist Title Comments Label Price £  
Universal Joint Love won't wear off as the years wear on / Same-inst. VG+/superb rare version Sniff 250
Constellations In love forever M-/w/demo/nice Sonday 15
Jerry Hilton & Gentle Rain Complete opposites M-/great version Sonic 30
Taylor, Robert Good times M-/recommended Sonic 15
Maddox, Walt I've got my own thing going M-/recommended Sonnet 25
Soop & Co. feat. Patrice Moncell Just because you're a lover / Take me to the…. M-/2 great sides Soops 30
Originals I'm someone who cares M-/recommended Soul 15
Trice, Jamal If love is not the answer / Same-mono M-/w/demo/sm wol/superb Soul 40
McCrae, George Take it all off M-/superb Soul City 20
Neal,CC All I want from you is your love M-/recommended Soul Craft 30
King, Ramona I choose you EX-/xol/recommended Soul Set 20
King, Ramona I choose you M-/recommended Soul Set 25
Whispers In Love Forever EX-/recommended Soultrain 20
Whispers In love forever M-/recommended Soultrain 25
Whispers I've got a feeling EX+/recommended Soultrain 12
Wilson, Flora Dancing on a daydream / Same-Inst EX-/light label ring dirt/highly recommended Soulvation Army 40
Al Brown Rhythm Band I wanna dance / same-mono M-/w/demo Sound Gems 6
Everett, Betty Prophecy M-/great Sound Stage 7 12
Brown, Norman Everybody likes it / Sugar  M-/2 great sides Sound Town 50
Greene, Laura Manhattan / Let me blow your whistle M-/2 great sides Sound Trek 15
Harold Melvin & Blue Notes Prayin' / Same-inst EX+/classic Source 15
Leaders feat. JD Cash Strollin on the boardwalk M-/nice mid-tempo South Star 8
Mitchell, McKinley When it rains it pours EX+/nice Southern Biscuit 10
Fields, Lily I'll get along somehow M-/deep Spectrum 10
Fields, Lily Lover M-/recommended Spectrum 30
Lands, Hoagy Do you know what life is all about EX-/sl lbl ring/maroon label/recommended Spectrum 30
Top Shelf Doggone baby I love you M-/superb x-over Spectrum 85
Grier, Sonja Right Here, Right Now M-/fantastic modern Spirit 8
Godfrey, Ray I gotta get away / Sherry Washington EX/great/Inc Co slv Spring 15
Green, Garland Just loving you M-/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Spring 20
Jones, Busta Just a little misunderstanding / same M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great version Spring 15
Joneses Love contest / Baby (there's nothing you can do) M-/superb/sweet ballad-flip/Inc Co slv Spring 50
Martin, Daltry Everybody dance/same M-/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/great Spring 15
Martin, Daltry Everybody dance / Stay with me M-/recommended Spring 20
Randolph, Leroy Good to the last drop EX-/sm wol-flip/recommended Spring 6
Randolph, Leroy Good to the last drop EX+/recommended Spring 8
Randolph, Leroy Good to the last drop M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 10
Street People I wanna get over / same M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 30
Adams, Johnny Something worth leaving for M-/nice SSS International 6
Moments Nine times M-/classic Stang 10
Moments Rain in my backyard M-/at their best Stang 15
El-Roy I crave your love / For every action there's a reaction M-/stunning ballad Star Crest 10
Smith, Timmy I'm willing to love you M-/recommended Starville 15
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby EX-/sol-flip/recommended Star-vue 25
Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby M-/recommended Star-vue 30
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon I don't know why/Honey bee EX/UK/superb x-over/dancer flip Stateside 15
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon I don't know why / Honey bee M-/UK/superb x-over/dancer flip Stateside 20
Bell, William Happy M-/great Stax 15
Crutchers, Bettye Sugar daddy M-/UK/great Stax (pye) 25
Impalas When you dance (sm wol) / I can't see me without you M-/demo/swol Steady 20
Lee, Lois One night stand / same EX-/demo/great Steady 20
Lee, Lois One Night Stand/same M-/demo/great Steady 25
Entertains Love will turn it around M-/superb Steel Town 15
Erroll Gaye & The Imaginations Love and affection M-/superb Steel Town 15
Keith, Gordon Don't take my kindness for weakness / Tell the story M-/2 great sides Steeltown 15
Different Shades I like it / inst. EX-/sl warp-nap/funk Stone Lady 12
Sheffield, David I should have listened / What's done in the dark M-/x-over/great Stone Lady 20
Hollins, Blood Don't give it up / Inst. M-/recommended Strange Fruit 30
Franky & Spindles Crazy about your love / Inst. M-/wol/great 2 step Strawberry 15
Hunt, William Would you believe EX-/superb Streamside 45
Hunt, William Would you believe EX-/w/demo/superb Streamside 55
Hunt, William Would you believe (sm wol) M-/superb Streamside 50
Sue, Carletta You keep holding back on love M-/superb x-over String 20
Mokie, J.J. & R.O.B. Come together in love / You're so real M-/2 great sides Sun, Moon & Stars 20
Fields, Lily Love has so many meanings / inst. M-/nice Sunburst 8
Bradley, Marvin Everybody's dancing M-/great Sundance 15
Mercy Love (can make you happy) M-/swol Sundi 8
Velvet, Jimmy A woman EX/demo/ballad Sundi 15
Blacklove People keep changing / PT. 2 VG/funk Super M 15
Buchana, OB Back up lover / It's over M-/2 great sides Susie Q 20
Buchana, OB Bedroom eyes / Back door tipper M-/2 great sides Susie Q 20
Presidents It's all over now / The sweetest thing this side of heaven EX+/demo/superb/great version on flip Sussex 15
Hazelhurst, James I won't die M-/rev. labels/superb Swar 15
Hazelhurst, James I won't die M-/superb Swar 20
La Flavour Only the lonely M-/super 2 step Sweet City 12
Inner Space Make it hard on him / same M-/demo/great Sweet Fortune 15
Troutman, Tony Your man is home tonight EX/great T. Main 8
Five Flights Up After the feeling is gone M-/sol/x-over TA 10
Courtship It's the same old love EX+/recommended Tamla 25
Henry, Virgil I can't believe you're really leaving me / same M-/w/demo/recommended Tamla 20
Houston, Thelma Saturday night, Sunday morning M-/recommended Tamla 15
Houston, Thelma Saturday Night, Sunday Morning/Same M-/w/demo/recommended Tamla 15
Kendricks, Eddie All of my love/He's a friend EX/date-wol/2 great sides Tamla 12
Kendricks, Eddie All of my love/He's a friend EX-/2 great sides Tamla 12
Kendricks, Eddie All of my love / He's a friend EX+/2 great sides Tamla 15
Kendricks, Eddie Can't help what I am EX-/great Tamla 6
Kendricks, Eddie Can't help what I am M-/wol-flip/great Tamla 6
Kendricks, Eddie Can't help what I am M-/great Tamla 8
Robinson, Smokey Ever had a dream EX-/highly recommended Tamla 6
Robinson, Smokey Ever had a dream M-/highly recommended Tamla 8
Vega, Tata Full Speed Ahead / Just As Long As There Is You EX+/2 great sides Tamla 3
Commodores The zoo (the human zoo) EX+/UK/small flat edge warp-nap Tamla Motown 8
Commodores The zoo (the human zoo) M-/UK/classic dancer Tamla Motown 10
Starr, Edwin Don't tell me I'm crazy EX+/German/Inc EX+ pic slv/superb Tamla Motown 25
Starr, Edwin Love (the lonely people's prayer) M-/UK/great Tamla Motown 15
Adams, Arthur I Cant Wait To See You Again M-/recommended Ta'san 25
Lloyd, Betty Snowflakes Pt I / Same Pt II (inst) M-/demo/superb Thomas 8
5 Wagers Come and ask me M-/classic Tiara 8
5 Wagers Come And Ask Me EX+/demo/classic Tiara 12
Beck, Floyd I'm In Love EX-/awesome soul Timeless 55
Beck, Floyd I'm in love EX+/awesome soul Timeless 60
Messina, J. C. Time won't let me M-/stamped original/classic Tom King Prod's 30
Wes Wells & Steelers From the top of my heart M-/great x-over Torrid 10
Green Brothers Sweet loving woman M-/highly recommended Tortoise Int'l 25
McNeir, Ronnie Different kind of love / same-mono M-/demo/superb Tortoise Int'l 20
Skyliners Oh how happy EX+/great Tortoise Int'l 10
Skyliners The love bug / Smile on me M-/great dancer/mid-tempo Tortoise Int'l 20
Charles Blues Hammond Breakaway (autographed label) EX-/wol/v sl warp-nap/autographed label/superb Touch 25
Bailey, Jr After hours M-/nice Toy 10
Bailey, Jr Love,love,love EX-/nice Toy 8
Cruz, Roger Here we are again / Lover on the side recommended Trac 15
Wilder, Chuck Why M-/superb x-over Tragar 15
Mandells How to love a woman / I can't get enough of your stuff M-/tiny warp-nap/recommended Trans World 12
Mandells How To Love A Woman/I Can't Get Enough Of Your Stuff EX+/recommended Trans World 15
Mandells I'm the one / Baby don't get hooked on me M-/great/nice flip too Trans World Sound 12
Up From The Bottom The way the world will be / Inst. M-/superb x-over TRUE 30
Green Brothers Can't give you up / Dy-no-mite M- Truth 10
Knight, Frederick I betcha didn't know that / Let's make a deal M-/xol/great Truth 6
Newcomers Keep an eye on your close friends M-/great Truth 10
Round Robin Monopoly I'd rather loan you out EX/w/demo/superb Truth 25
Round Robin Monopoly I'd rather loan you out (bubbly vinyl-plays fine) M-/w/demo/superb Truth 25
Wright, Sandra Lovin' you, lovin' me / same M-/demo/wonderful!!! Truth 10
City Limits Love is everywhere M-/recommended TSOP 20
Intruders A nice girl like you EX-/recommended TSOP 15
Intruders A nice girl like you EX+/recommended TSOP 20
Intruders A nice girl like you M-/wol/Inc Co slv/recommended TSOP 20
Intruders A nice girl like you/same M-/demo/Inc Co slv/recommended TSOP 25
Kaleidoscope I wanna live for you / We're not getting any younger M-/xol/2 great sides/rare TSOP 25
McFadden & Whitehead Ain't no stoppin' us now / same M-/w/demo/different version TSOP 20
McFadden & Whitehead I heard it in love song / Always room for one more M-/recommended TSOP 20
Davis, Darlene I found love (and you're the one) / inst M-/good modern/1986 Tubotune 10
Hines, Ernie Thank you baby M-/great U.S.A. 20
Classets I've got to space M-/stmol & 2 x's ol-flip/great Ultra-Class 15
Classets I've got to space M-/great Ultra-Class 20
Mann, Donny The girl next door / This love is real EX/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Uni 30
New World Soul Choir You better be goin' EX-/recommended Uni 12
New World Soul Choir You better be goin' M-/demo/recommended Uni 20
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Don't Ever Be Lonely EX/wol/nice United Artists 5
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Don't Ever Be Lonely EX-/nice United Artists 5
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too late to turn back now EX+/sol-flip/classic United Artists 6
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too late to turn back now EX/classic United Artists 6
Fisher, Bruce At the end of a love affair M-/dancer/recommended United Artists 25
Fisher, Bruce At the end of a love affair/same M-/demo/dancer/recommended United Artists 20
Green, Sonny Come and see me M-/Inc Co slv United Artists 6
Hidden Strength Hustle on up (do the bump) / inst. EX-/funk United Artists 6
Hill, ZZ Your love makes me feel good M-/nice United Artists 8
Walker, Larrington Joy M-/UK/superb/real potential with this one! United Artists 40
Womack, Bobby Daylight M-/wol/Inc Co slv/highly recommended United Artists 10
York, Patti He's Coming In The Morning EX+/superb x-over United Artists 40
York, Patti He's Coming In The Morning EX+/demo/superb x-over United Artists 50
York, Patti Where were you / same-mono EX-/demo/sm wol/Inc Co slv/great United Artists 6
Mr. Danny Pearson Is it really true girl M-/great Unlimited Gold 10
Mintz, Charles Give a man a break / Finders keepers EX-/great funk/superb slowie-flip Up Look 35
125th Street Candy Store If you wanna dream VG++/recommended Uptite 12
Parrish Remembering the times/Inst. EX/2 x's ol-flip/superb Uptite 25
Parrish Remembering the times / Inst. M-/w/demo/superb Uptite 30
Parrish Remembering the times/same-inst EX+/demo/superb Uptite 30
Wells, Billy Girl watcher EX+/sl lbl stain/xol/nice version Uranus 15
Hill, Lonnie Could it be love / same M-/demo/great mellow groove Urban Sound 15
Bell, Arlene It Aint Easy M-/great Velvet 15
Bell, Arlene Stop before you start / I wanna be loved M-/great funk/x-over flip Velvet 25
Ballads I wish I knew M-/awesome! Venture 30
Rising Love You Take My Heart Away / same-mono EX-/w/demo/superb Venture 30
Rising Love You take my heart away / same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Venture 40
Rising Love Feat Caryn Braxton Treasure chest / same-mono M-/demo/recommended Venture 8
Image We're movin M-/highly recommended Verdy 40
Hammond, Clay Women are human M-/superb Versepto 15
De-lite-ful Forget that girl M-/demo/great Vigor 6
Street People I wanna spend my whole… / Wanna slow dance.. M-/great Vigor 8
Street People Liberated lady / Re-run (from an old time movie) M-/2 superb sides/TOP TIP!!! Vigor 15
Street People Never get enough of your love / I wanna spend... M-/2 great sides Vigor 10
Stylists What is love / same EX+/w/demo/sm wol/recommended VIP 15
Banks, Darrell Just because our love is gone / same EX-/w/demo/great Volt 20
Branding Iron Slave for love M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Volt 30
Charmells Sea shell / Lovin' feeling (sm wol) M-/demo/stunning version Volt 15
Charmells Sea shell / Lovin' feeling (sm wol) EX+/w/demo/stunning version Volt 15
Dotson, Jimmy I used to be a loser M-/w/demo/awesome x-over Volt 30
Hot Sauce Echoes from the past M-/recommended Volt 15
Joseph, Margie Make me believe you'll stay / Stop! In the name of love M-/nice Volt 6
Dee Dee Joseph & David Devil made me do it EX+/nice W.J.J. Productions 15
Bailey, Ann Sweeping your dirt under my rug / same M-/demo/great Wand 25
Drake, Kent Boss thing together / With a lady's hand  M-/demo/Inc Co slv/superb x-over/good flip too Wand 85
General Crook Tell me what'cha gonna do M-/great x-over Wand 15
General Crook Tell me what'cha gonna do M-/demo/great x-over Wand 20
Hatcher, Will What is best for me… / Who am I without you baby M-/2 nice sides Wand 8
Hughes, Freddie I gotta keep my bluff in M-/recommended Wand 12
Lovely, Ike Fools hall of fame M-/great Wand 12
Secrets Baby save me / disco version M-/demo Wand 10
South Shore Commission We're on the right track M-/great Wand 10
Ashford & Simpson Main line M-/xol/great Warner Bros 8
Ashford & Simpson Over and over M-/great Warner Bros 8
Newsome, Frankie We're on our way (part I) / same-mono M-/demo/superb Warner Bros 25
Osiris Consistency / Almost never gets there M-/great/funk flip Warner Bros 6
Sadane One-way love affair / same M-/demo/nice mid-tempo Warner Bros 6
Tower Of Power What happened to the world that day M-/recommended Warner Bros 15
Wright, Charles Love land M-/wol/Inc Co slv/recommended Warner Bros 12
Wright, Charles Love land EX+/recommended Warner Bros 15
Lamont Cranston Band Takin' a chance (with pic sleeve) M-/recommended/Inc M- pic slv Waterhouse 60
Scott, Norman Baby don't go EX+/sweet Way Out 10
Wade, Bobby I'm in love with you / Down here on the ground M-/2 great sides Way Out 25
Change Searching M-/UK/'A' wol/Luther Vandross WEA 4
AC Tilmon & Detroit Emeralds Rosetta Stone M-/demo/great/Inc Co slv Westbound 15
La Salle, Denise I'm over you/A Man size job EX-/2 good sides Westbound 3
Lasky, Emanuel More love (where this came from) M-/great/Inc Co slv Westbound 15
Masterpiece The girl's alright with me / same M-/demo/superb version Whitfield 15
Bulluck, Janice I'm riding high on love M-/nice Wilbe 8
Harris, Major Laid back love M-/great Wmot 10
Harris, Major Laid back love/same M-/w/demo/great Wmot 10
Mason, Barbara On and off / same M-/demo/potential monster !! Wmot 10
Flamingos Think about me VG+/great Worlds 10
Flamingos Think about me M-/great Worlds 15
Love, David Baby hard times / You painted me blue M-/2 great sides Worlds 12
Fantasie The composer / Can't get it M-/great XKR III 15
Onyx You never fail to amaze me EX+/x-over/superb Yew 40
Dr. York Don't stop / It's on me M-/Inc pic slv/2 great modern sides York's 30
Brothers Secret place M-/wol-flip/superb x-over Zanzee 25
Brothers Secret place M-/superb x-over Zanzee 30
Chaz Tell me your name M-/nice Zanzibar 8
CJ Austin & Gold-Star We got to turn it around M-/superb mid-tempo Zanzibar 10
James, Jesse I know I'll never find another M-/great x-over Zay 15
Bernard, Chuck Love bug M-/nice Zodiac 15
Bean, Carl I was born this way M-/UK/great version 10 8
Swinging Medallions We're gonna hate ourselves in the morning EX/demo 123 10
Brighter Side Of Darkness Love Jones M-/nice 20th Century 10
Brock If we don't make it nobody can / same-long M-/demo/great 20th Century 20
Dazz, Kinsman I searched around M-/highly recommended 20th Century 10
Dazz, Kinsman I searched around / same M-/DEMO/Inc Co sleeve/highly recommended 20th Century 12
Dells Your song M-/UK/at their best!/superb 20th Century 75
Dells Your song (xol) M-/at their best!/superb 20th Century 75
Grier, Rosey Take the time to love somebody / same-mono EX/demo/superb 20th Century 15
Haywood, Leon The day I laid eyes on you M-/recommended 20th Century 15
Jackson, Walter Magic man EX+/nice 20th Century 8
Southside Movement Love so strong / same-mono M-/great ballad 20th Century 6
Wiley, Michelle Feel good / I feel so at home here VG+/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too 20th Century 75
Younghearts All the love in the world / Do you have the time M-/2 great sides 20th Century 15
Bill Scott & The Prophets So glad you happened to me EX-/superb x-over 3-P 20
Atlantic Starr Circles M-/classic A&M 8
Graves, Carl Heart be still M-//lite wol/great A&M 15
Graves, Carl Heart be still EX+/great A&M 15
Graves, Carl Heart be still M-/w/demo/great A&M 15
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over VG++/2 greats sides A&M 65
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over M-/Inc Co slv/2 greats sides A&M 75
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over EX-/w/demo/2 greats sides A&M 85
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over M-/Germany/Inc EX+ colour pic slv/woc &soc/2 greats sides A&M 100
Osborne, Jeffrey Don't you get so mad EX+/great A&M 6
Ron Keith & Lady Can't live without you (sticks and stones) M-/recommended A&M 25
Ron Keith & Lady Can't live without you (sticks and stones) / Get it on EX/w/demo/Japan/Inc EX colour pic insert/recommended A&M 30
Ron Keith & Lady Can't live without you (sticks and stones) / same EX+/w/demo A&M 25
Terrell, Jean No limit (wol) EX+/Inc Co slv/great A&M 40
The South Daybreaks M-/w/demo/highly recommended A&M 30
McFarland, Queenie I need a full time lover / inst. M-/great A&T 15
Bland, Bobby It ain't the real thing M-/recommended ABC 12
Bland, Bobby It ain't the real thing M-/w/demo/recmnded ABC 15
Davis, Billy Three Steps From True Love/light A Candle M-/superb/fantastic flip ABC 12
Davis, Billy Three steps from true love / Light a candle M-/UK/superb/fantastic flip ABC 12
Davis, Billy Three Steps From True Love/same-mono M-/w/demo/superb ABC 8
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