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Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

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Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul   
Artist Title Comments Label Price   
James, Dian Some kind'a wonderful (WOL) M-/w/demo/great Groove 20
King Edward & His B.D.'s Beg me (wol) / Girls are (suppposed to be) EX-/2 great sides/rare Groove 75
Mills, Margie What about mine? / Look who's crying on my shoulder M-/w/demo/great Groove 20
Pageants Make it last / She is your girl EX/w/demo/slight warp-nap/2 great sides Groove 25
Rich, Charlie Let me go my merry way / Big boss man M-/wol/2 great sides Groove 25
Watkins, Lovelace I won't believe it (sm wol) EX-/great version Groove 15
Mancha, Steve Don't make me a story teller / I won't love and leave you VG++/demo//wol/great/rare dj Groovesville 15
Fletcher, Darrow The pain gets a little deeper/My judgement day EX-/superb/great flip too Groovy 30
Fletcher, Darrow The pain gets a little deeper/My judgement day EX/superb/great flip too Groovy 35
Fletcher, Darrow The pain gets a little deeper / My judgement day EX+/superb/great flip too Groovy 40
Dunn, Leona Baby don't play around M-/great Hallmark 15
Strogin, Henry Good love M-/great Hank 20
United Four She's puutting you on VG++/superb Harthon 50
Jr. Walker All Stars Good rockin EX+/superb R&B Inst. Harvey 40
Ronnie & Robyn Cradle of love (sm stmol) / Dreamin M-/demo/2 good sides HBR 20
Zircons Don't put off for tomorrow (what you can do today) M-/great Heigh-Ho 50
Lawrence & The Arabians I'll try harder M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Hem 100
Patty & The Emblems Mixed-up, shook-up, girl M-/great Herald 25
Townsmen Just a little bit EX-/w/demo/wol/great Herald 25
Cherry People And suddenly EX-/great Heritage 8
Cherry People And suddenly M-/great Heritage 10
Bill Black's Combo Little Queenie EX+/classic R&B inst Hi 25
Bryant, Don Coming on strong M-/demo/wol-flip/great Hi 30
Wynters, Gail You've Got The Power M-/w/demo/inc Co slv/great Hickory 20
Herb & Doris Somebody somewhere needs you EX+/white label/superb version Hip 75
Brooks, Bobby Wise like Soloman EX-/highly recommended Hit 35
Moments Don't take your love from me (sm wol) / Happiest man in the land EX/w/demo/Atlantic dist/2 great sides Hit Productions 25
Joe Taylor & The Dominoes You don't love me EX/recommended HMF 30
L.H. & The Memphis Sounds Double up / House full of rooms M-/2 great sides Hollywood 40
Tommy G And The Charms I want you so bad / I know what I want EX/w/demo/2 good sides Hollywood 15
Carr, Timothy A stop along the way M-/xol/recommended Hot Biscuit 15
Carr, Timothy Love me love M-/great Hot Biscuit 15
Epic Splendour A little rain must fall EX+/recommended Hot Biscuit 15
Greene, Al Don't leave me EX+/recommended Hot Line 15
Sha-Rae, Billy Do it M-/great funky dancer Hour Glass 12
Mitchell, Jock Work with me Annie EX+/w/demo/R&B/great Impact 75
Courtney , Lew The man with the cigar M-/recommended Imperial 20
Courtney, Lew The man with the cigar VG++/w/demo/recommended Imperial 25
Courtney, Lew The man with the cigar M-/w/demo/recommended Imperial 30
Irwin, Dee I can't stand the pain M-/demo/great Imperial 15
Jackson, June It's what's underneath... (xol) / Fifty percent won't do M-/demo/2 great sides Imperial 75
King, Clydie Missin' my baby (xol) / My love grows deep EX/w/demo/2 superb sides Imperial 150
King, Clydie The thrill is gone / If you were a man EX/w/demo/2 superb sides Imperial 150
Lynch, Kenny My own two feet EX-/w/demo/sm xol-flip/recommended Imperial 25
McCracklin, Jimmy Can't Raise Me EX/sol/superb R&B Imperial 25
McCracklin, Jimmy Can't Raise Me EX/xol-flip/superb R&B Imperial 25
McCracklin, Jimmy Can't Raise Me M-/superb R&B Imperial 30
O'Jays Whip it on me baby M-/great Imperial 15
Sam E Solo Love is not a game M-/demo/sm wol-flip/great Imperial 40
Silhouettes Which way did she go EX+/w/demo/stmol-flip Imperial 20
Thomas, Irma What are you trying to do / Take alook VG+/superb/great flip too Imperial 50
Armstead, Joshie Sitting here thinking / Looking for a lover-boy M-/feint label ring/2 great sides Infinity 85
Carbo, Chick Two tables away M-/great Instant 12
Rickett, Norman Player play on / Tomorrow is a brand new day EX+/2 great sides IT 35
Kimble, Bobby Stop right here I got love EX-/recommended JAB 35
Nash, Johnny You Got Soul EX+/great Jad 3
Price, Lloyd Take all/Luv, luv, luv M-/2 great sides Jad 25
Price, Lloyd Take all / Luv, luv, luv EX+/w/demo/2 great sides Jad 30
Bell Boys I don't want to lose you (wol) / Woman I love EX-/2 fantastic sides Jamar 185
Edward Hamilton And The Fifes I'm gonna love you / Call me VG++/2 superb sides Jameco 100
Chell-Mars Roamin' heart VG++/Light lbl ring dirt/great mid-tempo Jamie 25
Chell-Mars Roamin' heart (xol) EX+/w/demo/great mid-tempo Jamie 40
Jo, Shirley Trust each other M-/recommended Jas 8
Embers It ain't necessary / Mexican divorce EX+/superb version/nice flip JCP 100
Robins, Jimmy I can't please you M-/superb R&B Jerhart 15
Julian, Don Philly jerk M-/w/demo/wol-flip/recommended Jerk 20
Castor, Jimmy Block party M-/highly recommended Jet Set 30
Patterson, Bobby What A Wonderful Night For Loving (tiny wol) / My baby's coming back to me M-/2 superb sides Jetstar 40
George (Wild Child) Butler Hold me baby / Do something baby M-/w/demo/R&B Jewel 15
Johnny & Jon Why did you leave me M-/wol-flip/R&B/recommnded Jewel 20
Johnny & Jon Why did you leave me EX/demo/smooth R&B Jewel 20
Wagner, Cliff Exception to the rule M-/recommended Jewel 40
Wagner, Cliff Exception to the rule M-/demo/recommended Jewel 60
Clovers For days(lite mark ol)/Too long without some loving M-/w/demo/2 great sides Josie 25
Clovers For days / Too long without some loving M-/w/demo/wol/2 great sides Josie 25
Clovers Try my lovin' on you VG++/superb Josie 50
Clovers Try my lovin on you M-/w/demo/sm light stmol/superb Josie 75
Elliot, Linda Fell in love with you baby EX+/w/demo/recommended Josie 50
Flowers, Phil You little devil M-/R&B/superb Josie 25
Flowers, Phil You little devil EX+/w/demo/R&B/superb Josie 35
Johnny & The Expressions Where is the party EX-/great Josie 15
Johnny & The Expressions Where is the party EX/ink stamp ol-flip/great Josie 15
Johnny & The Expressions Where is the party M-/great Josie 20
Kokomos No lies EX+/w/demo/sm wolgreat Josie 20
Love, Jimmy Two sides to every story EX+/w/demo/recommended Josie 40
Love, Mary The hurt is just beginning / same M-/w/demo/nice Josie 12
Love, Mary The hurt is just beginning / If you change your mind EX/2 nice sides Josie 12
Mitchell, Grover I don't want to hear it EX/w/demo/2 x's ol/great Josie 15
Original Cadillacs I'll never let you go (xol) / Wayward wanderer M-/w/demo/superb/great flip too Josie 40
Appreciations Afraid of love M-/great Jubilee 30
Joey Dee & The Starlighters Feel good about it (Part I) / Feel good about it (Part II) EX+/great Jubilee 15
Joey Dee & The Starlighters Good little you (wol) M-/recommended Jubilee 25
Joey Dee & The Starlighters It's got you M-/w/demo/great Jubilee 30
Meza, Lee One good thing leads to another M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Jubilee 40
Skyliners Everything is fine EX+/sl lbl wear/recommended Jubilee 10
Skyliners Everything is fine EX+/recommended Jubilee 12
Skyliners Everything is fine (wol) EX+/recommended Jubilee 10
Valentinos Tired of being nobody / same M-/w/demo/great Jubilee 12
Williams, Scotty In the same old way VG++/w/demo/classic Jubilee 50
Sensations Feat Yvonne Baker It's Good Enough For Me M-/w/demo/sm label fold-flip/great Junior 40
Sensations Featuring Yvonne Baker Baby / Love, love, love VG++/w/demo/2 great sides/rare Junior 75
Bloom, Bobby Love, don't let me down M-/recommended Kama Sutra 15
Charmettes What is a tear EX-/great Kapp 8
Hunt, Clay In the city square (sm ink stamp ol) / Since I lost you VG++/w//demo/2 superb sides Kapp 60
Patti & The Emblems One man woman EX+/recommended Kapp 20
St. George & Tana Without your heart M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Kapp 25
St. George & Tana Without Your Heart M-/colour pic sleeve/great Kapp 25
St. George & Tana Without Your Heart M-/w/demo/colour pic sleeve Kapp 30
Thee Prophets Playgirl EX-/great Kapp 12
Thee Prophets Some kind-a wonderful M-/w/demo/wol/great Kapp 12
Welch, Lenny Rags to riches M-/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/great version Kapp 10
Sherry Satins Don't let him catch you crying / Little girl sad M-/w/demo/2 great girl group sounds Karate 40
Ad Libs Think of me EX- /wol/2 lines label/superb Karen 75
Happiness Luck, love and laughter / Burning mountain EX-/great Karma 15
C.O.D.'s I'm a good guy / Pretty baby M-/superb 'n' cheap Kellmac 10
Hill,ZZ Have mercy someone M-/great R&B Kent 12
Hill,ZZ You just cheat and lie M-/oh so good!! Kent 25
Saints The sun don't shine everyday / I've been taken for a ride VG++/demo/lite lbl ring dirt/2 superb sides Kent 50
Vernon & Jewell Hold my hand (FANTASTIC SAX!!!) M-/superb R&B/FANTASTIC SAX!!! Kent 25
Vernon & Jewell That's a rockin good way M-/great R&B Kent 15
Hart, Dian All the time M-/recommended Kerr 20
Bee, Jimmy Wanting you M-/w/demo/1st label/stormer! Kimberly 30
Austin, Leon Two sided love M-/recommended King 20
Billy Soul Big balls of fire M-/w/demo/great King 30
Brown, Charles Regardless M-/wol-flip/great King 25
De Vons Someone to treat me the way you use to M-/superb King 40
Duncan, James Here comes Charlie M-/Inc Co slv/R&B/great King 20
Duncan, James Out of sight / Too hot to hold M-/Inc Co slv/recommended King 20
Duncan, James Stop talking to your child M-/superb dancer King 15
Fabulous Denos Bad girl / Once I had a love M-/sm ink spot/superb/great flip too King 60
Hank Ballard & Midnighters It's Love Baby 24 Hours A Day EX+/wol-flip/R&B King 15
Holland, Lee Let's stay together EX+/sol/great King 20
Holland, Lee Let's stay together M-/great King 20
Jewells Lookie lookie lookie / Smokie Joe's M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides King 25
Little Willie John Sleep EX/great King 5
Nolan, Lloyd I don't know about you M-/w/demo/highly recommended King 400
Rita Mathis & Notions True love is a wonderful feeling M-/great King 15
Rozier, Alice George, BB and Roy M-/Inc Co slv/recommended King 30
Rozier, Alice George, BB and Roy M-/w/demo/sm wol/recommended King 40
T.C. Lee & The Bricklayers Up & Down The Hill EX+/y/demo/Inc Co slv/fantastic R&B!!! King 400
Ingram, Luther Since you don't want me / Missing you M-/2 good sides Ko Ko 20
VII Emotions Life M-/recommended K-P 30
Sanders, Nelson This love is here to stay  EX-/great funky R&B  La Beat 75
Debbie & The Lads & Debbie Falls Dear lord above M-/recommended Ladd 100
Ferguson, Sheila How did that happen / Little red riding hood M-/2 superb sides Landa 125
Harold Mevin & The Blue Notes Get out and let me cry VG+/classic Landa 75
Little Carl Carlton Don't you need a boy like me M-/recommended Lando 40
Sydels You don't know / Happy go lucky guy M-/2 great sides Lang 50
Daniels (I lost my heart) In the big city M-/superb/WHAT PRICE IF RARE!!!! Lantam 15
Casualeers When I'm in your arms / Come back to my arms M-/demo/wol-flip/great Laurie 10
Four Epics How I wish that I was single again M-/demo/great Laurie 10
Gerard Happiest man M-/great Laurie 75
Relations Puddin-n-tang (is my name) M-/unknown?/ignore title/great Lebby 15
Relations Puddin-n-tang (is my name) M-/w/demo/unknown?/ignore title/great Lebby 20
Guess, Lenis In my room EX+/audible scratch at end/great Legrand 15
Owens, Garland I want to know if you love me M-/great LeMonde 20
Jerry And His Uniques Yes he will / Lonely man VG++/superb/great flip too Lennan 175
Fulton, Sonny C-B-L Part 1 (label wear) / C-B-L Part 2 EX+/great Leoso 8
Barlow, Dean Yesterday's kisses VG+/great version Lescay 30
Clark, Dee 24 hours of loneliness M-/demo/wol/great Liberty 15
Jhamels A road to nowhere M-/highly recommended Liberty 20
McDaniels, Gene It's a lonely town EX-/w/demo/great Liberty 20
Sheen, Bobby How many nights EX-/demo/great Liberty 15
Sheen, Bobby How Many Nights M-/great Liberty 15
Van, Ila It must be love EX-/recommended Liberty 15
Wilson, Obrey That's where lonesome lives EX+/demo/wol/recommended Liberty 25
Wilson, Obrey That's where lonesome lives EX+/demo/recommended Liberty 30
Butlers She tried to kiss me EX+/1st-Philly press/superb up-tempo Liberty Bell 75
Leavill, Otis I'm amazed EX+/highly recommended Limelight 40
Leavill, Otis Jane Girl / Don't Let Me Down VG++/pink demo/light lbl ring dirt/great Limelight 45
Phil & Del My girl Jean M-/recommended Linda 25
Jones, Bobby I got a bad hait of loving you / I am so lonely in my apartment EX-/2 great sides Lionel 20
Nolan What would you do if I did that to you EX+/w/demo/great Lizard 8
Parker, Gloria Why can't we get together M-/good version LLP 10
Big Ella It takes a lot of loving EX/wol/highly recommended Lo Lo 75
Chandler, Denise I'm walking away M-/recommended Lock 15
Aiken, Ben Callin' (light lbl ring wear) EX-/great version Loma 8
Aiken, Ben You were meant to be my baby EX/recommeded Loma 15
Apollas Pretty red ballons EX+/great Loma 20
Clyde And The Blue Jays The big jerk - Pt. 1 / Same - Pt. 2 EX-/recommended Loma 15
Enchanters We got love EX+/w/demo Loma 15
Jones, Linda My heart needs a break (sm wol) EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Loma 150
Lewis, Artie Ain't no good / Falling (in love with you) M-/w/demo/2 great sides Loma 25
Soul Shakers I'm getting weaker / It's love cause I feel it EX+/w/demo/superb/great flip too Loma 150
Teen Turbans We need to be loved / Didn't he run EX+/w/demo/superb/great flip too Loma 60
Mitchell, Willie The champion (Part 1) / Same (Part 2) M-/Belgium/Inc M- pic slv/classic inst London 20
Vibe-Creators I don't wanna be lonely M-/Spain/2011 release/superb retro soul Lontano 20
Lovelites My conscience VG/great Lovelite 8
King, Anna The big change EX+/great Ludix 75
Brown, Otis I'am ready for love / Will you wait M-/yellow label/2 great sides Lujuna 20
Upfronts Baby, for you love M-/# 108/recommended Lummtone 20
Upfronts Baby, for you love M-/w/hite lbl-demo? / # 107 /recommended Lummtone 30
Lavett, Betty Witch craft in the air M-/w/demo/great R&B Lu-Pine 50
Washington, Albert Loosen these pains and let me go M-/R&B/recommended M. In The Street 15
Ascots Miss heartbreaker M-/sm xol/highly recommended M.B.S. 20
West, Norm Baby please EX+/demo/recommended M.O.C. 20
Furys Never more / Zing! Went the strings of my heart EX+/2 great sides Mack IV 15
Coefield, Brice Tempted M-/wol-flip/Inc rare Co slv/great Madison 50
Angel, Ronnie I saw the sky M-/demo/Inc Co slv/great version Mala 40
Bailey, JR Too late / Hold back the dawn M-/demo/great Mala 15
Bishop, Bobby That's where I belong VG+/demo/label wear Mala 6
Fugitives Your girl's a woman EX+/wol/demo Mala 15
Legend, Tobi No good to cry / Heartbreaker M-/demo/2 great sides Mala 40
Up-Tights Academy awards of love EX-/demo/lbl ring wear/great Mala 25
Mighty Sam Never too busy M-/great Malaco 15
King, Anna In between tears EX+/wol/recommended Malibu 40
Jogettes Johnny's comin' home M-/R&B/great Mar 12
Vondells Lenora / Valentino  M-/2 superb sides Marvello 85
Du-ettes Every beat of my heart M-/classic Mar-V-lus 20
Young Folk Joey (wol) / Lonely girl M-/2 great sides Mar-V-Lus 15
Edward Hamilton & Arabians Thank you mother M-/recommended Mary Jane 15
Joys I loved you once EX/superb Master 30
Johnny Wesley & The Four Tees You Still Need Me / It's The Talk Of The Town VG++/tiny edge warp/2 great sides Melic 75
Johnny Wesley & The Four Tees You still need me / It's the talk of the town M-/2 great sides Melic 125
Guys & Dolls Looking for a lover M-/great Mellow 10
Burnette, Dorsey Little acorn M-/wol Mel-o-dy 10
Berry, Chuck Club nitty gritty (wol) M-/wol/great R&B Mercury 30
Bowen, Jeffrey I'll get by (all by myself) (Inc Co sleeve) EX+/w/demo/superb/Inc Co sleeve/great flip too Mercury 75
Brothers Grimm Looky looky EX/w/demo/wol-flip/classic Mercury 40
Bryant, Arnold House in order M-/superb/2nd issue Mercury 10
Bryant, Arnold House in order EX/w/demo/superb Mercury 20
Butler, Jerry Moody woman EX/2nd press/classic/superb Mercury 8
Butler, Jerry Moody woman M-/2nd press/classic/superb Mercury 10
Butler, Jerry Moody woman M-/1st press/classic/superb Mercury 20
Butler, Jerry What's the use of breaking up M-/great Mercury 8
Charades You're with me all the way M-/w/demo/wol-flip/Inc Co slv/superb Mercury 60
Charades You're with me all the way M-/xol/rare issue-stock copy/superb Mercury 60
Del Royals Some kind of wonderful / same M-/w/demo/Inc Co slc/superb Mercury 40
Dotson, Jimmy Heartbreak avenue (sm wol) EX/superb soul Mercury 30
Dreamlovers Bless your soul / The bad times make the good times (WOL) M-/2 great sides Mercury 30
Dreamlovers Bless your soul / The bad times make the good times M-/w/demo/2 great sides Mercury 30
Hall, Carl As Long As She Needs Me EX/mark on vinyl-nap/superb/rarer issue Mercury 45
Hendrix, Margie Restless / On the right track EX+/superb R&B Mercury 20
Jackson, George Tossin and turnin / Kiss me EX/2 great sides Mercury 12
Lewis, Herman Think before you walk away / same (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Mercury 25
Long, Lynn Do I baby EX+/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 20
Long, Lynn Do I baby M-/pink demo/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 25
McPhatter, Clyde In my tenament M-/demo/Inc Co slv/superb version Mercury 30
Mob Disappear / I wish you'd leave me alone M-/pink demo/2 great sides Mercury 15
Moore, Melba Patience is rewarded M-/w/demo/recommended Mercury 15
Moore, Melba Patience is rewarded (wol) M-/recommended/rare issue-stock copy Mercury 15
Petals You can't close the window of your heart EX-/light lbl ring wear/sm wol-flip/highly recommended Mercury 50
Scott, Bobby It's real M-/demo/nice mid-tempo Mercury 15
Warwick, Dee Dee Foolish fool M-/Inc Co slv/v sl lbl ring wear Mercury 8
Warwick, Dee Dee We've got everything going for us / Don't you ever give up on me M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Mercury 25
Young Jessie I'm a lovin' man (sol) VG++/green demo/great R&B Mercury 40
Young Jessie I'm a lovin' man (sol) EX/green demo/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 40
Yuro,Timi I'm afraid the masquerade is over EX/great Mercury 15
Yuro,Timi I'm afraid the masquerade is over M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 20
Cambridge, Dottie He's about a mover M-/recommended M-G-M 30

Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul

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Artist Title Comments Label Price   
Krystal Generations You were never mine M-/superb Crossover CMC 25
Festivals Take your time M-/superb Colossus 15
I.A.P. Co Check yourself EX+/superb version Colossus 20
Mob I'd like to see more of you EX-/wol & sol-flip Colossus 8
Mob I'd like to see more of you M-/Inc Co slv/great Colossus 10
Mary Love Comer Come out of the sandbox M-/superb CoLove 20
8th Avenue Band The whole thing EX/orange lbl/great/rare issue Columbia 20
8th Avenue Band The whole thing EX/grey lbl/great/rare issue Columbia 25
Anacostia All I need M-/recommended Columbia 15
Anacostia All I need/same M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 15
Anderson, Deborah Dont Know What's Coming Tomorrow M-/nice mid-tempo Columbia 10
Barrow, Keith Free to be me M-/2-step Columbia 8
Blood, Sweat & Tears Tell me that I'm wrong M-/wol/superb Columbia 15
Bobby Womack & Brotherhood Home is where the heart is VG+/stmol-flip/classic Columbia 30
Davis, Mac I'm just in love EX+/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Columbia 40
Dyson, Ronnie You and me / The more you do it EX/2 great sides Columbia 12
Grant, Eleanor You oughta be here with me M-/wol/recommended Columbia 15
Lance, Major Come on, have yourself a good time / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Columbia 10
Lorelei S.T.O.P. (STOP) / same-mono M-/w/demo/great Columbia 12
Mercury, Eric Take me girl I'm ready / Same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb version Columbia 40
Miles, Buddy I'm just a kiss away VG+/wol-flip/Inc Co slv/superb/plays well Columbia 75
Miles, Buddy I'm just a kiss away M-/Inc Co slv/superb Columbia 85
Miles, Buddy We got love / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Columbia 8
Moore, Jackie This time baby M-/recommended Columbia 8
Moore, Jackie This Time Baby/Same M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 10
Nobles Nobody but you / same M-w/demo/great Columbia 20
Pockets Come go with me EX+/recommended Columbia 8
Pockets Happy for love / same M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Columbia 8
Silver, Stirling Damned if I do/Sunshine (when I got you) M-/ink stamps ol/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Columbia 35
Silver, Stirling Damned if I do / Sunshine (when I got you) M-/2 great sides Columbia 40
Silver, Stirling Sunshine when I got you / same) M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 15
Taylor, Johnnie You're the best in the world EX/recommended Columbia 8
Thompson, Rick What do I have to do M-/w/demo/superb Columbia 125
Tower of Power You ought to be havin' fun / same M-/w/demo/stmol & wol-flip/A TIP!!! Columbia 12
Tower of Power You ought to be havin' fun/same M-/w/demo/A TIP!!! Columbia 15
Tower Of Power You ought to be havin' fun / While we went to the moon M-/A TIP!!!/great flip too Columbia 20
Tymes feat. Williams,George Someone to watch over me / She's gone M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/recomnded Columbia 15
Womack, Bobby Trust your heart M-/recommended Columbia 15
Womack, Bobby Trust your heart/same M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 15
Sound Of Experience Easy come, easy go EX+/w/demo?/sm mol/funky Community 15
Nat Cole Jr & Teri Carter You M-/superb Comptons Staff 30
Davis, Mary Woe be unto you / Lovin you EX-/2 great sides Conclave 15
George E Smith Don't find me guilty EX+/recommended Conclave 15
Montclairs Hung up on your love / I need you more than ever M-/UK/classic/great flip too Contempo 30
Montclairs Hung up on your love / I need you more than ever M-/UK/Inc Co slv-woc-front/classic/great flip too Contempo 35
Banks, Darrell The love of my woman EX-/great Cotillion 20
Dyson, Ronnie Don't need you now M-/great Cotillion 12
Edwards, Dee Put your love on the line / Same-mono M-/demo/nice Cotillion 6
Green, Garland 80-90-100 m.p.h. / If a dream goes by M-/w/demo/nice Cotillion 10
Hatcher, Willie Have a heart, girl (ink stamp ol) / You got quality EX/Inc Co slv/superb x-over/rare issue Cotillion 30
Matlock, Ronn Let me dance / same M-/demo Cotillion 6
Park Avenue Slow motion / same EX-/w/demo/great Cotillion 8
Tony & Tandy Two can make it together / Bitter with the sweet M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Cotillion 20
Tony & Tandy Two can make it together/Bitter with the sweet EX+/w/demo/great Cotillion 30
Burton, Jeanne Nobody loves me like you do do) M- Cotton 6
Strong, Barrett Love is you / You make me feel the way I do M-/recommended Coup 10
Kennedy, Ray She's a lady M- Cream 10
Jenkins, Diane Sweet wine,music and my imagination M- Creative Funk 8
Butler, Billy She's got me singing / Feel the magic M-/great Curtom 15
Butler, Billy She's got me singing/same M-/demo/great Curtom 15
Impressions I'll always be here EX-/WOL/recommended Curtom 12
Impressions I'll always be here M-/recommended Curtom 15
Impressions Wherever she leadeth me EX+/superb Curtom 15
June & Donnie What's this I see / I thank you baby M-/2 great sides Curtom 12
Lance, Major Stay away from me EX+/great Curtom 10
Natural Four Love's so wonderful / Same-mono M-/demo/superb Curtom 30
Waters, Freddie Singing a new song / same M-/demo/recommended Curtom 15
Eddie Giles & The Numbers Sexy lady M-/superb Custom Sound 25
Edwards, Mill I found myself M-/superb x-over Cutlass 15
Edwards, Mill I found myself/same M-/demo/superb x-over Cutlass 15
Enchanted Five Try a little love / Have you ever EX-/2 superb x-over sides CVS 45
Standish, John It just takes some time EX+/x-over Cyma 12
Lady Margo Simply got to make it M-/recommended Cynthia 20
Channel 3 The sweetest thing / Someone else's arms EX/EX- flip/superb/nice flip too/rare issue-stock copy Dakar 200
Davis, Tyrone I'll be right here M-/great Dakar 8
Davis, Tyrone Turn back the hands of time / same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 12
Johnson, Jay Ooh baby M-/w/demo Dakar 8
Leavill, Otis I'm so jealous M-/great Dakar 15
Monroe, Ben Broken home M-/recommended Dakar 15
Sidney Joe Qualls How can you say goodbye EX+/great Dakar 10
Sidney Joe Qualls Run to me / Same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 40
Wallace, Wales Forever and a day / same-mono EX+/w/demo/superb Dakar 40
Rumpus My love's gonna getcha (Inc Co sleeve) M-/sm wol//Inc Co slv/superb Dash 40
Pat & Pam Hey love / My baby and I M-/2 great sides Day Dreaming 15
Summits It takes two M-/great DC International 8
McDonald, Lee Memories / Little things M-/2 great sides Debbie 60
Diamond Joe Look way back / The A B C song EX/demo/2 greats sides Deesu 30
Crown Heights Affair Dreaming a dream M-/great De-Lite 8
Electras Another man's woman M-/recommended De-Lite 15
Janice Saddler & The Jammers My baby's coming home to stay / Inst. EX/w/demo/superb De-lite 75
Janice Saddler & The Jammers So long sweet little girl M-/w/demo/highly recommended De-Lite 30
Troy, Benny Ecstasy, passion & pain / Same-mono M-/w/demo/great De-Lite 8
Three Karats Yes I will M-/great/2 X'sol Delray 10
Lundy, Pat Another lovin' kind of feeling / I'm your special fool EX+/2 nice sides Deluxe 8
Enchantment Hold on M-/great Desert Moon 8
Take Five Reaching out for love M-/recommended Destiny 8
Truth Coming home / Touch me M-/2 great sides Devaki 12
Winters, Ruby In the middle of a heartache EX+/recommended Diamond 30
Winters, Ruby We're living to give M-/demo/great Diamond 15
Winters, Ruby We're living to give M-/great Diamond 15
Easton, Billy I was a fool M-/great x-over Dispo 25
Maddox, Walt Make it with you M-/sl warp-nap/great version Doll 15
EBO Prime time / I'd rather be by myself M-/modern dancer/slowy/great Domino 20
California Girls Your love puzzles me M-/recommended Doorway 15
Full Moon To know / The heavy scuffle's on EX+/feint wol/great/funk inst flip Douglas 12
Chymes My baby's gone away M-/great x-over Down To Earth 20
Impalas I'd think it over girl / Same-Inst M-/nice Down To Earth 15
Jimmy Beaumont And The Skyliners Our day is here EX-/wol/superb version Drive 30
Jimmy Beaumont And The Skyliners Our day is here M-/superb version Drive 40
Masters Of Soul Should I just read the signs M-/nice Duke 8
Roberts, John To be my girl M-/demo/recommended Duke 35
Roberts, John To be my girl (feint wol) M-/recommended Duke 25
White Family Band I'm a little bit smarter now/Miss America stand up EX-/no label-flip/vg-flip/great Duke 5
Taylor, Jay Jay I'm not tired yet M-/w/demo Dynamite 20
Phase V There's got to be me EX-/superb Dynamo 20
Fantastic Four I'm falling in love (I feel good all over) M-/great x-over Eastbound 15
Fantastic Four I'm falling in love (I feel good all over) M-/w/demo/great x-over Eastbound 25
Conservatives Who understands M-/recommended Ebonic 15
Clay, Otis Victim of circumstance / Good lovin M-/2 nice sides Echo 6
Scott, Jimmy Be careful / Part 2 M-/w/demo?/nice EEE 12
Hustlers What ever's your sign you got to be mine / Part 2 M-/funk Effie 15
Ross Carnegie & Co Open up your mind / Can I be your friend M-/funk/nice flip El-Con 12
Johnson, Jessie Be your man / same M-/test press/80's modern Electro Sound 15
Callier, Terry Sign of the times / Same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc co slv/modern dancer Elektra 10
Berdell, Cheryl Giving it all to you M-/recommended Em.t 12
Fox, Tony Give it all up tonight M-/demo/recommended Emerald City 15
Devaughan, William I've never found a girl (to love like you do) / Be thankful...(sm wol) EX/UK/recommended EMI 12
Pickett, Wilson Live with me M-/recommended EMI America 15
Pickett, Wilson Love of my life / I want you M-/2 great sides EMI America 12
Black Nasty Gettin' funky 'round here / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great funk Enterprise 12
Hayes, Isaac Rolling down a mountainside M-/recommended Enterprise 15
Hayes, Isaac Rolling down a mountainside M-/demo/recommended Enterprise 20
Lewis, Barbara That's the way I like it/Same-mono M-/demo Enterprise 15
Lewis, Barbara You made me a woman M-/w/demo/superb Enterprise 20
Alphonso Johnson & Diane Reeves Love's The Way I Feel 'bout Cha / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Epic 10
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late (Orange label) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Epic 15
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late (Yellow label) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Epic 15
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late/same-mono M-/w/demo/recommended Epic 12
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late/same-mono M-/w/demo/date stamp ol/recommended Epic 12
Duke, George I want you for myself M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Epic 15
Essence Lovin' you comes naturally / same M-/demo/recommended Epic 30
Final Touch I'm ready to give up my love / same-mono M-/w/demo/sl warp-nap/Inc Co slv/superb Epic 35
Final Touch I'm Ready To Give Up My Love/same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Epic 40
Freeman, George I'll be long gone (make my life shine) M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Epic 12
Jackson, Randy How can I be sure / Love song for kids EX/Inc Co slv/superb x-over/nice flip Epic 30
Jeffreys, Garland What does it take (to win your love) / same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb version Epic 20
Joneses In love again / Rat race M-/2 great sides Epic 30
Joneses In love again / same M-/w/demo/superb Epic 25
Joneses Who loves you / Lies M-/2 superb sides/rare Epic 75
Labelle, Patti It's alright with me / same M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Epic 15
Labelle, Patti It's alright with me/same M-/w/demo/recommended Epic 15
LaVette, Betty You made a believer out of me (DJ stamp & tiny wol) M-/Inc Co slv/superb Epic 75
Powerful People Little girl say yes (sl lbl stain) / Same-mono M-/demo/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Epic 25
Rawls, Lou Now is the time for love M-/wol/recommewnded Epic 8
Sons Of Robin Stone Let's do it now / It only happens in the movies M-/Inc Co slv/great/rare issue/sweet flip Epic 30
Strong, Barrett Stand up and cheer for the preacher / Inst. EX+/funk Epic 15
Wild Cherry 1 2 3 kind of love / same-mono M-/demo/recommended Epic 15
Haywood, Leon There ain't enough hate around to make me turn around M-/great Evejim 10
Godfrey, Ray Come and get these memories M-/superb version/great flip Event 5
Douglas, Ron I'm in love M-/demo/xol/great Excello 15
Washington,Jerry In My Life I've Loved EX-/nice Excello 5
Ware, Leon What's Your Name M-/recommended Fabulous 10
Blackbyrds Whats On Your Mind M-/dancer/great Fantasy 10
Checkmates Ltd Take all the time you need / same-mono M-/demo/sm wol/superb Fantasy 30
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Gotta lot of love in my soul M-/demo/UK/fantastic!!! Fantasy 20
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Gotta lot of love in my soul / same-mono M-/demo/fantastic!!! Fantasy 15
McWilliams, Paulette Don't give your heart away EX-/recommended Fantasy 12
Muhammad, Idris For your love M-/demo/UK/superb Fantasy 10
Originals Temporarily out of order (sol) M-//recommended Fantasy 10
Simmons, David Will they miss me / It's a shame M-/UK/demo/superb/awesome flip Fantasy 25
Three Pieces I need you girl / same (mono) M-/demo/superb Fantasy 25
Simmons, David Will they miss me / same-mono M-/demo/superb Fantasy WMOT 20
Sweet Thunder Baby, I need your love today M-/class-mellow Fantasy WMOT 8
Two Tons Never like this / Same M-/demo/superb/hard to find Fantasy/Honey 20
Murray, Clarence Please accept my love Please accept my love M-nice mid-tempo Federal 15
Merriweather, Bill That's love VG++/highly recommended Fee 25
Dell-Vikings Finger poppin' woman (2 x's ol) M-/recommended Fee Bee 40
Welch, Lenny I thank you love M-/recommended Fig 12
Ambitions When the fuel runs out / Same  M-/w/demo/superb version Firefly 50
Cole, Freddy If I had your love M-/nice First Shot 12
Ross, Jackie Don't change your mind M-/w/demo/great Fountain 15
Yuro, Timi When something is wrong with my baby EX+/great version Frequency 25
Green, Bob I've never found a girl M-/pale blue lbl/great version Fretone 8
Green, Bob I've Never Found A Girl M-/white lbl/great version Fretone 8
Taylor, Pat Fold out girl / same EX-/demo/great Fretone 8
James, Willie Sweet lips and sensuous hips / long disco vers. M-great Friends & Co 8
Long, Eddie Mo jo workout M-/funk R&B/sm wol-flip Fun City 10
Gene Middleton And Funk Factory No one to love me EX-/superb Funk Factory 50
Alexander, Margie Keep on searching M-/nice Future Stars 8
Carter, Clarence I couldn't refuse your love M-/great mid-tempo Future Stars 20
Taylor, Hersey Ain't gonna share your love M- Future Stars 10
Valentino I was born this way / same-mono M-/great x-over Gaiee 12
Valentino I was born this way/same-mono M-/w/demo/great x-over Gaiee 12
Eaton, Bobby Fever, fever, fever M-/demo/great Galaxy 50
Williams, Lenny How can I forget you / Feelin' blue (xol) M-/DEMO/superb x-over Galaxy 40
Intruders Devil with an angel's smile / same M-/w/demo/great Gamble 8
Guthrie, Gwen Family affair M-/great modern (1983) version Garage 12
Thomas, Vaneese Heading in the right direction M-/demo Geffen 6
Notations Think before you stop M-/recommended Gemigo 15
Notations Think before you stop/same M-/demo/recommended Gemigo 15
Jemison, Mike Bright light lady M-/funk Geneva 10
Edwards Generation School is in / Someone like you M-/recommended Ghetto 15
Archie Bell & Drells Ain't nothing for a man in love M-/recommended Glades 15
Archie Bell & Drells Dancing to your music M-/recommended Glades 15
Mr. Flood's Party  Compared to what  EX/classic/superb  GM  100
Love Committee Cheaters never win / Where will it end M-/2 great sides Gold Mind 15
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful (SEE KAPP LABEL) EX+/great/orig. label Gordo 20
Bobby Militello & Jean Carn Let's stay together M-/flip lbl edge folded under lbl/great version Gordy 12
Bobby Militello & Jean Carn Let's stay together M-/w/demo/great version Gordy 15
Bobby Militello & Jean Carn Let's stay together M-/great version Gordy 15
Eric & Vikings I'm truly yours/same M-/w/demo/great Gordy 20
Eric & Vikings I'm truly yours / Where do you go (baby) M-/great Gordy 20
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Love Guess Who M-/fantastic!!! Gordy 25
Temptations Aiming at your heart / Same M-/w/demo/highly recommended Gordy 15
Undisputed Truth Save my love for a rainy day M-/great version Gordy 6
Undisputed Truth You got the love I need EX+/superb Gordy 15
Rance Allen Group I know a man who M-/awesome x-over Gospel Truth 60
Gaslight I'm only a man/I'm gonna get you EX-/wol/superb version/great flip too Grand Junction 15
Gaslight I'm only a man / I'm gonna get you M-/superb version/great flip too Grand Junction 20
Love, Jill Baby My way or hit the highway M-/great Grand Prix 10
Starr, Edwin I'll never forget you M-/superb x-over Granite 15
Brown, Sammy Got to leave this town M-/recommended Grassroots 15
Gerrard, Donny He's always somewhere around EX+/classic Greedy 8
Debra Can you remember M-/recommended Gree-jack 12
Frankie Beverley's Raw Soul Tomorrow may not be your day (feint date stamp ol) / Same-mono EX/demo/great Gregar 8
Williams, Bette Now that I'm gone EX+/demo Gregar 10
Caine, General All about you M-/sl lbl wear/recommended Groove Time 12
Caine, General All about you M-/recommended Groove Time 15
Exceptionals Unlucky girl / What about me M-/great GRT 25
Liberation Don't spread your love around / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb GSF 40
Liberation Little green piece of paper M-/2 good sides GSF 15
Smith, Barry That's all that's required M-/great GSF 20
Etoria, Tony I can prove it EX-/UK/Inc Co slv/highly recommended GTO 10
Hines, Perry Stay M- Ham-Sem 8
Shields, Billy I was a boy (when you needed a man) EX+/superb Harbour 20
Shields, Billy I was a boy (when you needed a man/same) EX/demo/sol/wol/superb Harbour 20
Redding, Gene This heart M-/highly recommended Haven 15
Righteous Brothers Hold on (to what you got) (sm wol) / same-mono EX+/w/demo/superb Haven 30
Righteous Brothers Hold on to what you got/same-mono (wol)) EX+/w/demo/superb Haven 30
Black Ice Fantasize M-/wol-flip/recommended HDM 12
Chapter One Money won't do it, love will / Loan shark M-/2 great sides Heritage 15
Majik Back into your heart M-/recommended Hi 50
McClure, Bobby Love trap / Was it something I said M-/demo/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Hi 20
McClure, Bobby Love trap/Was it something I said M-/highly recommended Hi 30
Teacher's Edition It helps to make you strong VG+/demo/nice Hi 12
Numonics Got to give love one more try / It's so easy to be mislead M-/good sides Hodisk 15
Numonics You lied / Forever and a day EX/2 great sides Hodisk 40
Larry & Accommodations Love is the answer M-/demo Holiday Inn 15
Cloud, Michael Check your direction M-/recommended Homark 20
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