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Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul   
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Smith, Bobbie Walk on into my heart / Miss stronghearted EX-/w/promo/ink stamps & wol/2 great sides American Arts 125
Honey And The Bees Why do you hurt the one who loves you (ink stamp ol) / You better go now EX+/w/promo/superb/stunning flip too Arctic 100
Banks, Darrell Angel baby / Look into the eyes of a fool EX/classic/great flip too Atco  75
Levon And The Hawks He don't love you EX-/Canada/recommended/rare Atco 85
Vala Reegan & The Valarons Fireman / Living in the past M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/classic/nice flip too Atco 200
Mary Wheeler And The Knights I feel in my heart (2 sm lbl tears) flip label VG+/w/promo/WOL/recommended/rare Atom 275
Adams, Nate I'm gonna be good / Why is it taking so long EX/w/promo/v sl warp-nap/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Atlantic 75
Profiles I still love you EX+/superb Bamboo 60
Hollis, Sandy I'm tempted (xol) / Tables will turn M-/sl warp/superb/great flip too Big Wheel 125
Dynamics I wanna know (xol) VG+/superb Bigtop 75
The Velvets With Louis Prejean Estelle Parker EX/recommended Bofuz 60
Wood, Brenton Sweet Molly Malone / I want love (sm date stamp ol) M-/promo/2 great sides Brent 60
Phillips, Sandra You succeeded M-/2 lines-grey label/classic Broadway 75
St. Claire, Sylvia It hurts to see you happy / Bring back yesterday EX/y/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too Brunswick 150
Dells Thinkin' about you EX+/promo/wol/Inc Co slv/tiny warp-nap/superb Cadet 60
Lavette, Betty Let me down easy / What I don't know won't hurt me M-/2 superb sides Calla 50
Showtime One And Two Whispers / Showtime M-/2 great sides/semi known Candy Floss 300
Chancellors All the way from heaven (xol) / Sad avenue (2 x's ol) EX-/w/promo/"Heaven" v sl off cntr-nap/classic/superb group flip Capcity 75
Holloway, Patrice Stolen hours / Lucky, my boy EX-/Inc Co slv/classic/superb flip too Capitol 275
Magnificent Men I've got news EX+/Inc Co slv/superb Capitol 50
Malone, Cindy Try to understand EX+/superb version Capitol 40
Mason, Tina
Finders keepers
M-/Inc Co slv/superb
Capitol 50
Jackson, Deon That's what you do to me EX+/superb Carla 50
Andy Mack Later than you think / Do you wanta go EX+/2 great sides Chess 40
Stewart, Billy A fat boy can cry / Count me out EX+/2 superb sides Chess 50
Vontastics Why must we part / I will always love you
EX/Inc Co slv/2 great sides
Chess 40
Beverly And The Del-Capris Mama I think I'm in love (light wol) M-/superb/rare issue-stock copy Columbia 175
Ellis, Shirley Soul time / Waitin' EX/xol/classic Columbia 50
Lee David Temptation is calling my name EX/w/promo/classic Columbia 300
Lucien, John What a difference love makes EX+/Inc Co slv/superb/rare issue-stock copy Columbia 60
Regan, Joan Don't talk to me about love M-/w/promo/Inc EX+ pic slv/superb Columbia 40
Clark, Dee That's my girl / It's raining (v sl sm lbl stain) VG+/superb/plays great Constellation 75
Clark, Dee That's my girl / It's raining EX+/2 lines label/superb Constellation 100
Barnes, Ortheia Take My Heart And Soul M-/Inc Co slv/superb Coral 60
Heatherton, Joey Hullabaloo (xol) / My blood runs cold EX/demo/highly recommended Coral 75
Soul, Sharon You found my weak spot (wol) EX-/y/demo/classic Coral 50
Pickett, Wilson Let me be your boy (2 light x's ol) EX/demo/classic CUB 100
Ingram, Luther Ain't that nice (stmol) EX+/demo/superb Decca 100
Tyler, Gladys Mr. Green, Mrs. Green M-/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Decca 150
Vernon Harrell And Little Gigi Baby don'tcha worry M-/Canada/recommended/rare Canadian release Decca 60
Wallis, Ronnie Sailor boy M-/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Decca 150
White, Danny Cracked up over you / Taking inventory M-/Inc Co slv/classic/great flip too Decca 40
My heart is calling (few sm lite lbl scuffs) / On main street
EX+/2 superb sides/rarer issue-stock copy
Dee Gee
Tex, Joe
Old time lover
EX-/demo/highly recommended
Dial 125
Wade, Len Whatcha gonna do VG++/superb Dial 75
Skip Jackson And The Shantons I'm on to you girl / Please promise that you'll wait EX/2 superb sides Dot-Mar 250
Grier, Roosevelt Pizza pie man EX+/classic D-Town 100
Lil Soul Brothers I've got heartaches (2 x's ol) / What can it be M-/w/promo/2 superb sides/rare white promo D-Town 100
Superlatives Don't let true love die (ink stamp ol) EX-/superb Dynamics 85
Folger, Dan The way of the crowd M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classic mid-tempo/LIKE NEW!!! Elf 125
Folger, Dan The way of the crowd (wol) VG+/classic mid-tempo/rare issue-stock copy Elf 85
James Dee & A Piece Of The Action Jealous over love (& The Primettes) EX-/scuff at start/light lbl ring/awesome Enrica 100
Blackwell, Otis It's all over (slim lbl tear ) / Just keep it up (wol) EX/w/demo/superb/great flip too Epic 75
Lynne, Gloria You don't have to be a tower of streength EX+/highly recommended Everest 50
Jone's, Bobby Talkin' 'bout Jone's (xol) M-/w/demo/superb Expo 40
Stratoliners What do you want with my love / Your love EX+/w/demo/sm date wol/2 superb sides Federal 175
Richard Berry And The Pharaohs Have love will travel (2 x's ol) EX+/recommended Flip 50
Intruders You'd better check yourself M-/superb up-tempo version Gamble 100
Traits Too good to be true EX+/w/promo/superb Garrison 125
Squires Don't accuse me (sol) / So many years ago EX-/w/promo/Radio Station Copy/superb/great flip too Gee 100
Appalachian, Johnny Up in smoke / A mountain of a man M-/demo/wol/classic/great flip too Goldie 75
Lands, Liz Midnight Johnny EX-/sl warp-nap/sl lbl ring/classic Gordy 75
Channels I've got my eyes on you / Anything you do M-/w/promo/2 superb sides Groove 75
Meteliko, Geoffrey Got to find a way EX-/superb version Happy Tiger 75
United Four One more year / Look at her now M-/superb/nice flip too Harthon 85
Lawrence & The Arabians I'll try harder M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Hem 100
Wynters, Gail You don't have to be in love M-/w/demo/inc Co slv/superb Hickory 50
Sam E. Solo Love is not a game / Tears keep falling M-/promo/superb/great flip too Imperial 40
Armstead, Joshie Sitting here thinking / Looking for a lover-boy M-/light label ring/2 great sides Infinity 75
Bell Boys I don't want to lose you / Woman I love VG/wol/plays well/classic/superb flip too Jamar 175
Hamilton, Peter Hey girl / Same-Inst M-/w/demo/sol/superb Jamie 125
Embers It ain't necessary / Mexican divorce EX+/superb version/nice flip JCP 100
Clovers Try my lovin on you M-/w/demo/sm light stmol/superb Josie 75
Elliot, Linda Fell in love with you baby EX+/w/demo/recommended Josie 60
Beverly Ann Gibson A three dollar bill EX+/w/promo/superb Jubilee 75
James, Marion I'm the woman for you EX-/w/demo/superb/rare demo/TOP TIP!!! K and J 85
Ferguson, Sheila How did that happen / Little red riding hood M-/2 superb sides Landa 125
Butlers She tried to kiss me (2 sm x's ol) M-/w/promo/Dart dist/great Liberty Bell 75
Teen Turbans We need to be loved / Didn't he run EX+/w/demo/superb/great flip too Loma 60
King, Anna The big change EX/great Ludix 75
Claude (Baby) Huey Keep it to myself EX+/promo/superb M.I.O.B. 125
Reparata & The Delrons Panic EX+/y/promo/sm date ink stamp-flip/classic Mala 100
Vondells Lenora / Valentino  M-/2 superb sides Marvello 85
Three Jades Makes my world go round / I care for you VG- /sm wol/2 superb sides/plays decent Maurci 75
Boys will be boys / I want to thank you (2 x's ol)
EX+/promo/2 great sides
Johnny Wesley & The Four Tees You still need me / It's the talk of the town M-/2 great sides Melic 125
Esko Affair Salt and pepper (sm feint pink mark ol) EX+/w/demo/great forgotten oldie Mercury 40
Sandy & The Pebbles He's my kind of fellow / My foolish little heart EX+/2 superb sides Mercury 60
Soul City I shot for the moon / I will take care of you EX+/w/promo/superb/great flip too Mercury 150
Cambridge, Dottie Cry your eyes out EX/demo/Inc Co slv/superb M-G-M 75
Embers Watch out girl / Far away places (partly cloudy vinyl) VG++/classic/great flip too/rare issue-stock copy M-G-M 225
Mars, Marlina Head & shoulders EX+/Inc Co slv/superb version M-G-M 60
Mars, Marlina I'm gonna hold on to your love EX-/demo/superb M-G-M 55
Tymes What would I do (2 X's ol) / A touch of baby EX-/promo/classic/great flip too M-G-M 65
Douglass, Gwenn The picture / Pretender (feint wol) EX/superb/great flip too Michelle 150
Parton, Dolly Control yourself / Don't drop out (light wol) M-/promo/2 great sides Monument 100
Eckstine, Billy I wonder why nobody loves me EX/sl label ring/classic R&B Motown 75
Eckstine, Billy I wonder why nobody loves me / Same M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb R&B Motown 125
Tyn Tymes Baby I love you M-/Inc M- pic slv/highly recommended Music Box 150
Graves, Joe Debbie / That's how a boy and a girl falls in love EX+/w/demo/2 great sides Parkway 60
Tymes I won't cry anymore (mispress of - "Here she comes") VG++/superb/rare mispress Parkway 75
Bill Baker And Ork. Another sleepless night (ink stamp ol) EX+/highly recommended Parnaso 200
Adorables Baby come and get it (v light lbl ring wear) M-/demo/highly recommended Peacock 35
Butlers Laugh, laugh, laugh / Butlers theme EX-/superb/great inst flip Phila 45
Allison, Leevert I want to give my heart to you M-/highly recommended Poncello 40
Courtney, Lou Hey Joyce (2 x's ol) / I'm mad about you EX+/recommended Popside 60
Gee's It's all over / Love is a beautiful thing EX-/w/promo/2 great sides Port 60
Kathy And The Calendars Please don't go / Back in your arms again VG++/2 great sides Port 50
Little Jimmy Griffin If things don't change EX/w/demo/superb R&B R 60
Anka, Paul I can't help loving you EX/German/Inc VG++ pic slv/classic RCA 150
Anka, Paul I can't help loving you EX/w/promo/Inc Co slv/classic RCA 150
Barnum, H.B. It hurts too much to cry EX/4 track EP/Spain/inc EX+ pic slv/classic RCA 100
Courtney, Dean I'll always need you (sol) EX/w/promo/Inc Co slv/classic RCA 175
Davis, Curtis Tell Me EX+/mid-tempo magic Ronnie 100
Johnson, Deena I'm a sad girl / I'll never let you down EX+/w/demo/2 superb sides Simpson 60
And The Echoes Tell me anything but give love / I've always wanted someone like you EX+/tiny wol/2 superb sides Soultrain 50
Duke Turner & Chi-towns Let me be your baby sitter / same-continued  EX+/forgotten classic/superb Spinning Top 50
Bill Penny and The Pacemakers I can't stay / Stick with it EX+/superb/great inst flip too/rare Tempo 100
Soul Exotics Baby It's true / Darlin' M-/superb/great flip too Terri 125
Houston, Freddie Soft walkin' EX-/Inc EX promo slv//'A' misprint/recommended Toto 75
Smith, George I've had it / When love turns to pity EX/w/demo/2 superb sides Turntable 125
St. John, Rose Mend my broken heart / And if I had my way EX-/w/demo/2 great sides United Artists 100
Steve Karmen Big Band Ft Jimmy Radcliffe
Breakaway (Part I-vocal) / Same (Part II-inst)
M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb
United Artists
Leo Price & Band
Hey now baby / Quick draw
EX-/superb/great inst flip
Up Down
Elgins Street scene / You found yourself another fool EX+/feint wol/2 great sides Valiant 60
Pickett, Wilson Let me be your boy M-/promo/sm wol/classic Verve 75
Webs I want you back / We belong together M-/classic/superb flip/rare black label Verve 40
Dalton Boys I've been cheated (wol) / Something's bothering you (inst) M-/w/promo/straight VIP/stamped orig/2 great sides VIP 75
Clark, Alice You hit me right where it hurt me / flip label EX/w/promo/WOL/classic/superb Warner Bros 450
David And Ruben I love her so much it hurts me M-/w/prom/classic Warner Bros 250
Strangers Featuring Richard Pitts
Night winds
EX+/w/demo/awesome mid-tempo
Warner Bros
Merle Spears And The Treats I want to know EX+/1st lbl/superb R&B Whit 75

Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul

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Artist Title Comments Label Price   
Dells Your song (xol) M-/at their best!/superb 20th Century 75
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over EX- /w/demo/2 greats sides A&M 85
Perry, Greg It takes heart EX+/very slight edge heat mark/Inc Co slv/classic Alfa 50
Perry, Jeff Love don't come no stronger than yours and mine / Same-mono M-/promo/Inc Co slv/with hand claps/classic Arista 30
Al Hudson & The Soul Partners I'm about lovin' you EX/Inc Co slv/superb Atco 100
Detroit Spinners I've got to make it on my own M-/UK/no US 45/recommended Atlantic 50
Shirley & The Shirelles Never give you up M-/demo/superb x-over Bell 75
Shaw, Cecil This I've gotta see EX-/w/promo/superb x-over Bil-Mar 60
Butch And The Newports I'm only a man EX/superb Black Rock 150
Jackson, Walter Let me come back VG+/plays great/superb x-over Brunswick 75
Persuaders Tryin' to love two women M-/highly recommended Calla 60
Strong, Barrett Is it true (tiny xol) M-/Inc Co slv/superb Capitol 40
Tapestry It's not the world that's messed up M-/Inc Co slv/superb Capitol 40
Natural Four Love's so wonderful / Same-mono M-/demo/superb Curtom 30
Qualls, Sidney Joe Run to me / Same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 40
Dell-Vikings Finger poppin' woman (2 x's ol) M-/recommended Fee Bee 40
Light Drivers Dreams of a shoeshine boy / Operator (light ink stamps ol) EX+/2 superb x-over sides/Jimmy Conwell!!! Gemini 75
Liberation Don't spread your love around / same-mono M-/w/demo/superb GSF 40
Keep on walking by
EX/Germany/Inc EX colour pic slv/soc & woc/superb

Hansa Internl
Barrino Brothers Trapped in a love EX-/Inc Co slv/superb Invictus 45
Striblin, Karen We're not too young to fall in love M-/EX- flip/superb version Jaber 200
Nash, Johnny Falling in and out of love M-/Inc Co slv/superb Janus 40
Jones, Albert Unity M-/w/demo/superb x-over Kapp 40
Overton, Chuck  Is it possible / I'm so thankful  M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/2 superb sides  Kapp  50 
Gomez, Jessie Lace / Baby I'm coming at you (wol)  M-/2 superb sides Mankind 75
LaSalle, Denise I'm so hot (small xol) M-/Inc Co slv/highly recommended MCA 50
Del Royals Some kind of wonderful / same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Mercury 40
Smoke Oh love / Love let's be happy now M-/vinyl/2 superb sides Mo-Soul 40
Nu Page A heart is a house M-/superb MoWest 75
Big T & The Peace Makers Tighten up tighter / Tears I shed for you M-/demo/great funk/nice x-over flip too Nasco 60
Pure Velvet Hooked on your love / I'm tired of dreaming M-/w/demo/2 great sides Osiris 40
Brown, Pep I am the one who needs you / Same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Polydor 75
Starr, Brenda  Satan, let me sleep tonight  EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/awesome!  Polydor  100
Graham, Ralph What am I to do / Same M-/demo/Inc Co slv/superb RCA 40
Ghetto Children It's not easy to say goodbye / Don't take your sweet lovin away M-/demo/2 superb sides Roulette 85
H-Fi White  Need somebody / Same-Inst  EX/superb  Sandman  60 
Billups, Eddie Shake off that dream EX-/w/demo/superb Seventy 7 150
Murphy, Merv It's Growing M-/superb Simmons 150
John Gary Williams The whole damn world is going crazy / Ask the lonely M-/Inc Co slv/superb/great version-flip Stax 50
Topics Man M-/superb Token 30
Taylor, Josephine Is It Worth A Chance / I've Made Up My Mind EX+/2 superb sides Twinight 75
Higgins, Monica It's the real thing / Same-mono EX/promo/great United Artists 60
Image We're movin M-/highly recommended Verdy 40
Newcomers Open up your heart let me in / Girl, this boy loves you EX-/w/promo/2 superb x-over sides Volt 60
Onyx You never fail to amaze me M-/x-over/superb/rare Yew 40
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