Sounds For Sale - Northern/60's/R&B

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Artist Title Comments Label Price
Peterman, Pat Love the way you do your thing M-/demo/highly recommended 123
Fashions, The A lover's stand recommended 20th Century 15
Allen, Ricky I'm a real thankful man R&B 4 Brothers
Dotson, Jimmy Gone, gone, gone/To be your lover 2 great sides Aar O Dot 15
Charles, Ray Go on home recommended ABC
Charles, Ray I don't need no doctor classic ABC
Charles, Ray Something inside me recommended ABC
Cotillions, The Sometimes I get lonely great ABC 20
Earls, The It's been a long time coming/My lonely lonely room M-/wol/recommended ABC 20
Earls, The It's been a long time coming w/demo/wol/recommended ABC 30
Impressions, The You've been cheatin' M-/classic ABC
Keyes, Troy Love explosion great ABC
Marvelows I do M-/superb ABC 10
Mighty Marvelows, The I'm so confused M-/sm paint spot ol/great ABC
Mighty Marvelows, The Talkin' bout ya baby EX+/recommended ABC
Sapphires, The Gotta have your love M-/classic ABC
Tams, The Laugh at the world/Trouble maker w/demo/2 great sides ABC 15
Tandy, Sharon Now that you've gone/Hurtin me 2 great sides ABC
Taylor, Rosemary I reeally got it bad for my baby w/demo/recommended ABC 15
White, Danny One little lie recommended ABC
Swann, Bettye The heartache is gone M-/Inc Co slv/superb A-bet 15
Moore, Danny Somebody new original/superb Allrite
Love, Candace Never in a million years / I want to get back recommended Aquarius
Mason, Barbara Ain't got nobody ex-/great Arctic
Mason, Barbara Half a love w/demo/fantastic Arctic
James, Etta
Seven day fool
Fisher, Shelley Big city lights great Aries 15
Lee, Marva Lover boy tiny warp-nap/great Atco 20
Lee, Marva Lover boy warp-nap/great Atco 15
O'Henry, Lenny Sweet young love great newy Atco 20
O'Henry, Lenny Sweet young love w/demo/great newy Atco 25
Sharp, Dee Dee Bye bye baby (sm light stmol) / My best friend's man 2 superb sides/recomnded Atco 15
Moore, Henry She's a lover great Athens 15
Burke, Solomon Stupidity great Atlantic
Drifters, The Baby what I mean sm wol/recommended Atlantic
Greenwood, Johnny I'm crawling back w/demo/great Atlantic 15
Jo Ann & Troy Who do you love R&B/recommended Atlantic 10
La Belle, Patti & Bluebelles, The Wonderful great Atlantic 10
Lewis, Barbara Don't forget about me great Atlantic 12
Lewis, Barbara I remember the feeling classic Atlantic
Lewis, Barbara Pushin' a good thing too far great version Atlantic
Matthews, Shirley (You can) count on that/Big-town boy 2 great sides Atlantic 15
Thomas, Carla For you recommended Atlantic 10
Radcliffe, Jimmy My ship is coming in sl lbl wear/great Aurora
Radcliffe, Jimmy My ship is coming in demo/great Aurora
Carlton, Little Carl
Competition ain't nothin'
Back Beat
Carlton, Carl
Why don't they leave us alone
Back Beat
Lovelites, The I found me a lover/You better stop it 2 great sides Bandera
Arrows, The Bring back the one I love sl warp-nap/great Bandit 20
Rose Colored Glass Can't find the time nice Bang 10
Preston, Nancy I got a right w/demo/great Banward
Earl Duke Jenkins Misusin' me M-/Atco dist/recommended Bee 20
Earl Duke Jenkins Misusin' me EX-/w/demo/Atco dist/recomndd Bee 25
Earl Duke Jenkins Misusin' me M-/w/demo/Atco dist/recomndd Bee 30
Attractions, The That girl is mine M-/Inc Co slv/superb Bell
Inspirations, The Gotta find a new love / I can feel it M-/previously unreleased/superb Benn-x
Occasions There's no you M-/superb Big Jim 20
Falcons (I'm a fool) I must love you M-/superb Big Wheel
Ad Libs, The He ain't no angel / Ask anybody great Blue Cat 15
Brothers Of Love, The Yes I am vg+/recommended Blue Rock 12
Brothers Of Love, The Yes I am recommended Blue Rock 15
Little, Little Rose Bye bye big boy great Blue Rock 20
Little, Little Rose Bye bye big boy sl warp-nap/demo/great Blue Rock 15
Little, Little Rose Bye bye big boy demo/great Blue Rock 20
Parker, Junior I got money great Blue Rock
Variations, The Yesterday is gone M-/superb/original label Bob-Joy
Emotions, The I can't stand no more heartaches great Brainstorm 10
Poindexter, Annette You'll get it right back great Brena
Tillman, Bertha Lovin' time vg+/feint wol/great Brent 8
Tillman, Bertha Lovin' time great Brent 15
Fats Domino Work my way up steady R&B
Butler, Billy Help yourself/Sweet darling (Inc. Co. Sleeve) ex-/2 great sides Brunswick
Chandler, Gene & Acklin, Barbara Will I find love recommended Brunswick 15
Wilson, Jackie Since you showed me how to be happy/The who who song recommended Brunswick 15
Dells, The Make sure M-/awesome!!!! Cadet
Wells, Jean With my love and what you've got great Calla
Washington, Michael Stay mine/inst. great Cap City 15
Love, Marian The right to cry superb version
Capitol 25
Love, Marian The right to cry demo/superb version
Capitol 30
Magnificent Men, The Tired of pushing superb Capitol 15
Mosley, Robert Crazy 'bout my baby / Goodbye my lover goodbye 2 great sides Capitol 15
Sheen, Bobby Dr. Love / Sweet sweet love M-/2 superb sides Capitol
Thrills, The Bring it on home to me great Capitol 20
Wright, Ruben Crazy baby recommended Capitol
Black, Marion Who knows first label/recommended Capsoul
Jackson, Deon Love takes a long time growing great Carla
Jackson, Deon Ooh baby great Carla
Leon & Metronomes I'll catch you on the rebound w/demo/recomnded Carnival
Lovettes, The Little miss soul M-/stamped original Carnival
Manhattans, The All I need is our love recommended Carnival
Manhattans, The I bet'cha (couldn't love me) EX+/w/demo/sm wol/recommended Carnival 20
Agee, Ray Your precious love R&B/great Celeste 15
Tim I need your love/My side of the track recommended Celtex
Clark, Claudine The telephone game recommended Chancellor 30
McKay, Delsie Cast your spell unknown ? Chapter One 15
Gray, Dobie Out on the floor M-/all time classic Charger
Spidels, The Like a bee/You know I need you classic/great flip too Chavis
Chandler, Gene I won't need you great Checker 12
Chandler, Gene I won't need you demo/great Checker
Chandler, Gene Such a pretty thing recommended Checker
Kolettes Who's that guy/Just how much recommended Checker
Kolettes Who's that guy/Just how much w/demo/recommended Checker
Little Milton So blue (without you) M-/highly recommended Checker 8
Little Milton Sometimey great Checker
Moore, Bobby Chained to your heart classic Checker 15
Ocapello's Anytime demo/recommended Checker
Charles & Walter Night/Kissin and huggin w/demo/2 great sides Chene 30
Garrett, Jo Ann Just say when   Chess 10

All of it great Chess 15

All of it/same w/demo/great Chess 15

La Salle, Denise
Count down (and fly me to the moon) M-/DEMO/superb
Chess 40
Lime, The Lova a go-go recommended Chess
Lime, The Lova a go-go demo/recommended Chess 20
Maurice & Radiants Baby you've got it w/demo/recommended Chess
Ross, Jackie Dynamite lovin' recommended Chess
Ross, Jackie Selfish one classic Chess
Stewart, Billy What have I done recommended Chess 10
Stewart, Billy What have I done demo/recommended Chess 15
Baxter, Tony I'll come to you great Chubby 20
Neville, Art Lover of love ex-/recommended Cinderella 15
Neville, Art Lover of love recommended Cinderella 20
Four Chaps, The True lovers great Co and Ce
Burke Family, The Under the spell demo/recommended Cobblestone 20
Burke Family, The Under the spell recommended Cobblestone 15
Burke Family, The Under the spell vg+/recommended Cobblestone 10
Crests, The The angels listened in great Coed 10
Scott, Freddie Brand new world nice mid-tempo Colpix 10
Scott, Freddie Brand new world w/demo/nice Colpix 15
Buckinghams, The You misunderstand me ex-/superb Columbia 20
Buckinghams, The You misunderstand me superb Columbia 25
Franklin, Aretha Soulville recommended Columbia
Kenny & Yvonne Come on and be my love w/demo/recommended Columbia 25
Lonas, Kenny Would you believe superb Columbia
Love, JB No one else will do w/demo/great mid-tempo Congress 25
Ray, James One by one recommended Congress 25
Ray, James One by one w/demo/recommended Congress 30
Chandler, Gene If you can't be true Chicago classic Constellation 12
Chandler, Gene (I'm just a ) fool for you Chicago classic Constellation
Dynettes, The New guy / Witness to a heartbreak great Constellation 15
Miller, Bobby The big question great Constellation 20
Cager, Willie He's a player mid-tempo/superb Contact
Hart, Don Soldier coming home M-/recommended Coolschool 30
Austin, Patti I wanna be loved classic Coral
Winstons, The Need a replacement / same MINT-/w/demo/recommended Curtom
Middleton, Gene & Sole Survivors You need love / Stop - where you are M-/2 great sides D and B
Guess, Lenis Thank you baby great D.P.G. 25
Big Mack Rough dried woman R&B Dawn
Woods, Pearl Sippin sorrow R&B Dawn
Little Anthony Never again awesome soul DCP 10
Lee, Brenda Ain't gonna cry no more great Decca 15
Lee, Brenda Time and time again her best Decca 15
Vito, Gene Lovers are always the same rare issue/recomded Decca
Lyons, Queenie Drown in my own tears M-/y/demo/stormer!!! DeLuxe
Manhattans, The I can't stand for you to leave me recommended DeLuxe 15
Tex, Joe Baby, be good great Dial 15
Winters, Ruby I don't want to hurt nobody recommended Diamond
Winters, Ruby Just like a yo yo recommended Diamond 15
Brenda & Tabulations That's the price you have to pay recommended Dionn 15
Dippers, The Goin ape R&B/inst/superb/unknown? Diplomacy
Lady Fox & Foxettes, The Our love (will never grow cold) recommended Don-El 15
Granger, Gerri You must be doing something right   Double L 8
Georgia Prophets, The For the first time recommended Double Shot 20
Precisions, The If this is lov e xol/classic Drew
Edwards, Dee Too careless with my love great D-Town
Rogers, Lee Boss love great D-Town 20
Davis, James Chains around my heart recommended Duke
Miss LaVell Tide of love   Duke
Parker, Junior Wait for another day nice mid-tempo Duke 15
Parker, Little Junior You're on my mind   Duke 10
Taylor, Ted Hold me tight   Duke 10
Huey, Claude Feel good all over ex-/w/demo/superb Early Bird
Britt, Tina The real thing great/silver label Eastern
Turner, Tommy Lady / I'll be gone 2 great sides Elbam
Pipkins, Jim & Boss Five,The Mr. C. C. great mod inst. Emerge 15
King, Anna Mama's got a bag of her own R&B/classic End
Ferguson, Davis & Jones
I think I'm gonna cry w/demo/recommended Epic
Steelers Can't take this pain w/demo/recommended Epic
Troy, Ben E I miss you M-/w/demo/recommended Epic 15
Wade, Adam Rain from the skies superb version Epic 30
Smith, Curtis The living end recommended Essica
Lexingtons, The I found my baby recommended Everest 25
Jones, Bobby Talkin' 'bout Jone's w/demo/recommended Expo
Conn, Billy I should have known recommended Federal 20
Conn, Billy I should have known w/demo/great Federal 30
Jewels, The My song recommended Federal 15
Corby, Chuck & Entrees, The I need your love recommended Fee Bee 75
Will Of The People We got love / Because you broke my heart M-/demo/2 great sides/TIP!!! Firebird
Walker, Gloria & Chevelles, The Need of you recommended Flaming Arrow 15
McGregor, Billy Fall on my knees / Mr Shy 2 great sides Flash
Cunningham, Diane Someday baby great Fontana 20
Strong, Nolan Mind over matter   Fortune 15
Washington, Albert I'm the man demo/recommended Fraternity
Auditions, The Get set be ready recommended Freckles
Taylor, Little Johnny Help yourself great Galaxy 10
Taylor, Little Johnny Somewhere down the line great R&B Galaxy
Boss Man, The You're taking too long great Gamble
Sharp, Dee Dee What kind of lady classic Gamble
Light Drivers, The Operator/Dreams of a shoeshine boy 2 great sides Gemini
Armstead, Jo I've been turned on great Giant 12
Creations I've got to find her superb Globe
Till, Virgie I didn't steal your dog/Loose me love w/demo/R&B Glover
Williams, Juanita Baby boy recommended Golden World
Sierras, The I'll believe it when I see it superb Goldisc 20
Sierras, The I'll believe it when I see it w/demo/superb Goldisc 30
Star-Drifts An eye for an eye recommended Goldisc 15
Star-Drifts An eye for an eye w/demo/recommended Goldisc 20
Contours, The Just a little misunderstanding classic Gordy 15
Martha & Vandellas One way out M-/great Gordy
Martha & Vandellas, The My baby loves me classic Gordy
Reeves, Martha & Vandellas, The Forget me not great Gordy 15
Avons, The Push a little harder vg+/recommended Groove
Mills, Margie What about me M-/w/demo/great Groove 20
Dunn, Leona Baby don't play around great Hallmark 15
Walker All Stars, Jr
Good rockin' M-/R&B inst/superb
Cherry People, The And suddenly great Heritage 10
Gee, Ronnie She's so fine R&B/great Hiddy-B
Wrigley, Betty Selfish one superb version Hit
Carr, Timothy A stop along the way xol/recommended Hot Biscuit 15
Epic Splendour, The A little rain must fall recommended Hot Biscuit 15
Sha-Rae, Billy Do it M-/great funky dancer Hour Glass
Walker, Ronnie Trouble superb version Impact
Courtney, Lew The man with the cigar recommended Imperial 20
Courtney, Lew The man with the cigar w/demo/recommended Imperial 30
Irwin, Dee I can't stand the pain demo/recommended Imperial 15
O'Jays, The Whip it on me baby great Imperial 15
Bates, Lee You won't do right recommended Instant
Hueys, The Coo-coo over you great R&B Instant
Price, Lloyd Take all/Luv, luv, luv 2 great sides Jad 25
Price, Lloyd Take all/Luv, luv, luv w/demo/2 great sides Jad 30
Continental 4, The The way I love you baby superb Jay-walking
Robins, Jimmy I can't please you (rarer 'Tomorrows Hit' logo) M-/superb R&B Jerhart 15
Robins, Jimmy In my heart recommended Jerhart
Lynn, Barbara Take your love and run 1st label/great Jet Stream
Patterson, Bobby What a wonderful night for loving / T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. M-/superb Jetstar 25
Wagner, Cliff Exception to the rule recommended Jewel
Flowers, Phil You little devil R&B/superb Josie 25
Flowers, Phil You little devil w/demo/R&B/superb Josie 35
Skyliners, The Everything is fine ex-/recommended Jubilee 10
Lundy, Brad (I'm at) the breaking point superb Julmar
Bloom, Bobby Love, don't let me down recommended Kama Sutra 15
Scientists Of Soul Be's that way sometime great KASHE
C.O.D.'s, The I'm a good guy/Pretty baby superb 'n' cheap Kellmac 10
C.O.D.'s, The I'm looking out for me /I'll come running back to you recommended Kellmac
Bland, Bobby 'Blue' Love you baby R&B Kent
Fulsom, Lowell My aching back great Kent
Hill, ZZ Have mercy someone R&B Kent 12
Hill, ZZ You don't love me great Kent 12
Hill, ZZ You just cheat and lie superb Kent
Saints, The I've been taken for a ride/The sun don't shine 2 great sides Kent
Vernon and Jewell That's a rockin good way great R&B Kent 15
Hart, Dian All the time recommended Kerr 30
Austin, Leon Two sided love recommended King 15
Duncan, James Here comes Charlie R&B/great King 20
Duncan, James Out of sight/Too hot to hold recommended King 20
Duncan, James Stop talking to your child superb dancer King 15
Rozier, Alice George, BB and Roy recommended King 30
Rozier, Alice George, BB and Roy w/demo/wol/recommended King 40
Ingram, Luther Since you don't want me/Missing you 2 great sides KoKo 20
Vanguards, The The thought of losing your love M-/recommended Lamp
Daniels, The I lost my love In the big city great Lantam 10
Relations, The Puddin-n-tang (is my name) w/demo/unknown? Lebby 15
Relations, The Puddin-n-tang (is my name) unknown?/ignore title/great Lebby 10
Wilson, Obrey That's where lonesome lives demo/recommended Liberty 40
Chandler, Denise I'm walking away EX/recommended Lock 12
Vibe-Creators I don't wanna be lonely M-/Spain/2011 release/superb retro soul Lontano
Roberta I'm on the prowl great R&B Lu-Cee
Lemon Tree A tender affair / Glory glory (VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN) M-/demo/TOP TIP!! Lucky Eleven
Upfronts, The Baby, for your love M-/# 108/recommended Lummtone 20
Furys, The Never more great Mack IV 15
Bailey, JR Too late / Hold back the dawn demo/great Mala 15
Mighty Sam Never too busy great R&B Malaco 8
King, Anna In between tears wol/recommended Malibu 40
Clay, Vicky Oh it's alright great mid-tempo Mar-V-lus
Du-ettes, The Every beat of my heart classic Mar-V-lus
Miss Madeline Lonely girl / Behave yourself recommended Mar-V-lus
Ultimations, The Would I do it over superb Mar-V-lus
Young Folk, The Lonely girl / Joey M-/recommended Mar-V-lus
Edward Hamilton And The Arabians Thank you mother / Same-Inst. M-/light warp-nap/recommended Mary Jane 20
Edward Hamilton And The Arabians Thank you mother / Same-Inst. M-/recommended Mary Jane 25
Butler, Jerry What's the use of breaking up   Mercury 8
Long, Lynn Do I baby EX+/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 20
Long, Lynn Do I baby demo Mercury
Yuro, Timi (I'm afraid) the masquerade is over   Mercury 15
Yuro, Timi (I'm afraid) the masquerade is over w/demo Mercury 20
Cambridge, Dottie He's about a mover MINT-/recommended M-G-M 30
Gaynor, Gloria Searchin' / Reach out, I'll be there recommended M-G-M 12
Invitations, The Girl I'm leavin' you / The skate 2 great sides M-G-M 20
Quinn, Carole I'll do it for you / Do those little things recommended M-G-M 20
Quinn, Carole Good boy gone bad demo/recommended M-G-M 12
Quinn, Carole Good boy gone bad recommended M-G-M 12
Royalettes, The Never again wol/up-tempo version M-G-M 12
Royalettes, The Never again up-tempo version M-G-M 15
Soulful Seven, The I've got a feelin' recommended M-G-M
Stevens, April Wanting you classic M-G-M
Turner, Spyder I can't make it anymore classic M-G-M
Compliments, The Beware, beware M-/superb Midas
Starr, No No Swing your love my way great Midas
St Clair, Kelly Don't look over your shoulder nice/with pic. sleeve Millage 30
Olympics, The Baby, do the Philly dog great Mirwood 8
Day, Jackie Oh ! What heartaches classic Modern 25
Three Of Us, The I'm gonna love you baby M-/great Molly 30
Swann, Bettye Lonely love great Money
Swann, Bettye The heartache is gone TOP TIP!!!! Money
White, Tony Joe Polk salad Annie great R&B Monument 15
Vontastics, The Lady love recommended Moon Shot
Varisco, Paul & Milestones, The She's a big girl now/Hey girl 2 great sides Morceau
Four Tops The key recommended Motown 10
Haines, Connie What's easy for two is hard for one w/demo Motown
Holland, Eddie Jamie wol/classic Motown 25
Holland, Eddie Jamie classic Motown 30
Holland, Eddie Jamie (2.15 version) classic Motown 35
Holland, Eddie Jamie/blank (2.15 version) w/demo/wol/classic Motown 50
Spinners, The Truly yours great Motown 15
Supremes, The He's all I got recommended Motown
Terrell, Tammi Just too much to hope for recommended Motown
Burrage, Harold Master key M-/recommended M-pac 20
Simpson, Big Daddy Give me back my ring EX+/R&B M-pac 12
Curry, Louis A toast to you/I'll try again tomorrow 2 great sides M-S
Harris, Milton You should have told me / She's hurting me superb mid-tempo Mutt
Sands, George 'N Sonny Down by the ocean demo/recommended New Voice
La Belle, Patti Love me just a little/The jokes on you EX/2 great sides Newtime 15
Lester, Lonnie & Danzy, Chuck Ain't that a shame recommended Nu-tone
Gladys Love recommended O-Gee 30
Butler, Billy & Chanters, The I can't work no longer ex-/classic Okeh 15
Butler, Billy & Chanters, The I can't work no longer classic Okeh 20
Butler, Billy & Chanters, The I can't work no longer w/demo/classic Okeh 30
Butler, Billy & Chanters, The I can't work no longer small lbl tear
Okeh 15
Variations, The Yesterday is gone w/demo/wol/superb Okeh 30
Admirations, The Don't leave me M-/fantastic One-derful 20
Admirations, The Wait til I get to know you / inst. M-/recommended One-derful 15
Clay, Otis A lasting love / Got to find a way recommended One-derful 12
Clay, Otis Show place recommended One-derful 15
Everett, Betty I'll be there recommended One-derful 20
Laws, Lucky Who is she great One-derful
Sharpees, The I've got a secret recommended One-derful 20
Sharpees, The My girl Jean recommended One-derful 25
Day, Eddie For my girl / Summers gone 2 great sides Onyx 30
Harner, Billy She's almost you /Fool me M-/classic Open 8
Harner, Billy She's almost you/Fool me w/demo/classic Open
Helms, Jimmy My little devil EX/recommended Oracle 15
Monzas, The Hey! I know you   Pacific
Joy, Roddie I want you back w/demo/great Parkway
Peterson, Kris I believe in you w/demo?/recommended Pelikin
Woods, Pearl Stickum up baby great/xol-flip
Hebb, Bobby Love love love classic Philips
Results, The Need your love /Funky (female group) ex-/w/demo/2 great sides
Philips 12
Results, The Need your love/Funky (female group) w/demo/2 great sides
Philips 15
Springfield, Dusty Live it up superb/with pic sleeve Philips
Webs, The Give in w/demo/recommended
Lee, Ruby I'm gonna put a watch on you/I believe in you
2 great sides Poptone
Nelson, Nate Once again great Prigan 30
Foreman, Linda Let's get it together great Public 20
McLaurin, Bette As long as your mine wol/great Pulse 30
Wells, Jean Sharing your love great Quaker Town 30
Baker, Betty And The Jaxsis Marching out of your life / Love show some pity on me M-/recommended/great sweet flip Quicksand 10
M.S.Q., The Save a place for me recommended Rainy Day 25
M.S.Q., The Save a place for me demo/recommended Rainy Day 30
Four Tempos, The Come on home/Got to have you 2 great sides Rampart 15
Metros, The Now that you've gone recommended Ra-sel 12
Barnes, Betty Walking down broadway w/demo.great RCA 25
Barons, The Since you're gone M-/w/demo/superb RCA
Cooke, Sam Sugar dumpling great RCA
Escorts, The The hurt great version RCA 30
Lollipops, The Busy signal w/demo/great RCA 25
Mateo, Gia If you can't say anything nice M-/w/demo/great RCA
Miller, Lesley Bringing out my tears great RCA 25
Miller, Lesley Bringing out my tears w/demo/great RCA 30
Paris, Freddie There she goes y/demo/superb RCA 25
Reese, Della Blow out the sun great RCA 20
Reese, Della Ninety-nine and 1/2 won't do xol/stmol/great RCA
Sedaka, Neil Too late M-/w/demo/superb RCA 30
Barry, Jeff I'll still love you recommended Red Bird 15
Blossoms, The That's when the tears start ex-/sm wol-flip//classic
Banks, Darrell Our love (is in the pocket) / Open the door to your heart
2 great sides Revilot
Barnes, JJ Now she's gone / Hold on to it 2 great sides
Revilot 12
Parliaments, The I can feel the ice melting / I wanna testify  2 great sides
Revilot  12
Parliaments, The Look at what I almost missed sm wol/recommended Revilot 10
Parliaments, The Look at what I almost missed recommended Revilot 12
Third Avenue Blues Band It's got to be love great Revue
Barnes, JJ Say it / Deeper in love 2 great sides Ric-Tic 10
Total Eclipes You took our heart…... / A love like yours 2 great sides Right-On
Esquires, The Dancin' a hole in the world NEAR MINT/great version Rocky Ridge
Whispers, The Where have you been recommended Roker 12
Carter, Martha Nobody knows (how I feel about you) great R&B Ron 15
Ridgley, Tommy In the same old way great Ronn
Taylor, Ted Miss you so EX/great R&B Ronn 25
Caper Brothers, The Ain't got the nerve M-/w/demo/great Roulette 20
Dovale, Debbie Hey lover EX+/vsl warp-nap/recmded Roulette 12
Hunt, Geraldine Never, never leave me recommended Roulette
Three Degrees, The There's so much love all around me recommended Roulette 10
Dean and Jean Lovingly yours M-/w/demo/wol-flip/great Rust 30
Sounds Four, The A memory best forgotten / Keep on lovin' great Saintmo
Out Of Sights Tears don't care who cry / I've got to be me 2 great sides Saru
Adams, Faye Step up and rescue me R&B Savoy 20
Darnell, Larry Who showed my baby how to love me R&B Savoy
Candy & Kisses, The Out in the streets again recommended Scepter
Irma & Fascinators, The Just a feeling / Lost love 2 great sides Scepter
Miles, Lenny In between tears sm wol/superb version Scepter
Roberts, Tina Snow / My basket (a tisket-a tasket) 2 great sides Security 20
Larks, The I can't believe it great Sheryl 15
Height, Donald Talk of the grapevine M-/superb Northern Shout
Mercer, Barbara Call on me / So real w/demo/2 x's ol/great Sidra
Stagemasters Baby, I'm here just to love you M-/recommended Slide 15
Herbs, The Never, never (Will I fall in love) / Question
M-/2 superb sides Smoke
Sonny & Phyllis Love,love,love / I've been lost recommended Soft 30
Love, Dave Colalined baby M-/stamped original/recommended Solid Soul 10
Sophisticates, The Back up baby M-/superb Sonny
Knight, Gladys & Pips, The Keep an eye recommended Soul
Ruffin, Jimmy I've passed this way before classic Soul 8
Walker, Jr & All Stars Tune up EX+/superb Soul 20
5th Dimension, The It'll never be the same again ex- Soul City 10
5th Dimension, The It'll never be the same again recommended Soul City 12
Wilson, Al When you love, you're loved too/Who could be.. EX+/2 great sides Soul City 20
Wilson, Al When you love, you're loved too/Who could be.. EX+/demo/2 great sides Soul City
Whispers, The Needle in a haystack superb Soul Clock
Whispers, The I can remember / Planets of life recommended Soul Clock 10
Waddy, Sandy Everything is everything classic Sound Of Soul 20
Beavers, Jackey Hold on w/demo/recommended Sound Stage 7
Evaline Think before you leave (xol) M-/w/demo/great R&B Sound Stage 7 30
Simon, Joe Don't let me lose the feeling great Sound Stage 7 10
Simon, Joe No sad songs recommended Sound Stage 7 10
Simon, Joe When recommended Sound Stage 7 10
Simon, Joe I got a whole lot of lovin' EX+/superb Sound Stage 7 25
Jo Jo and Outcast, The Why baby great soul Sound-O-riffic
Zen, Vinnie & Rogues, The Bricks, broken bottles and sticks/same w/demo/great version SSS Int'l
Mamie Galore It ain't necessary / Don't think I could stand it M-/classic/great flip too St. Lawrence
Blast CL Double up M-/lbl damage/recommended Stax 10
Blast CL Double up M-/vsld/recommended Stax 12
Cordells You do a thing to my mind great Steel Town Sound 30
Crayton, Maxine Don't take your love superb Steeltown
Charmers, The Natural self recommended Stuyvesant
Blake, Cicero Don't do this to me great Success 15
Turner, Ike & Tina I idolize you (ink stamp ol) recommended Sue 15
Turner, Ike & Tina You should'a treated me right wol/recommended Sue 15
Washington, Justine I can't wait until I see my baby ex-/great version Sue 25
Washington, Justine I can't wait until I see my baby smwol/great version Sue 30
Washington, Justine I can't wait until I see my baby great version Sue 30
Marcels, The No love left M-/superb/highly recommended Super M
Little Oscar I tried/The message 2 great sides Supreme Blues
Malibus, The Ten times a day recommended Sure-Shot
Lane, Mickey Lee Hey sah-lo-ney classic Swan
Sapphires, The Who do you love great Swan
Corvairs, The A victim of her charms / Love is such a good thing M-/w/demo/recommended Sylvia 40
Hollywood Flames I'm gonna stand by you great Symbol
Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi California soul recommended Tamla
Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi Two can have a party superb Tamla 10
Marvelettes, The I'll keep holding on classic Tamla
Miracles, The I'll try something new M-/sm wol/sm sol/recomnded Tamla 20
Miracles, The I'll try something new EX+/recommended Tamla 25
Miracles, The Whole lot of shakin' in my heart (since I met you) EX+/twin globes label/superb Tamla 15
Weston, Kim I'm still loving you classic Tamla
Wonder, Stevie Nothing's too good for my baby great Tamla
Gunter, Shirley Stuck up w/demo/recommended Tangerine
Turner, Ike & Tina Dust my broom orange label/superb R&B Tangerine
Fawns, The Bless you / Girl in trouble 2 great sides TEC 10
Bright, Larry (I'm a) mojo man R&B Tide 20
Willis, Nicole & Soul Communicators If this ain't love (don't know what is) / Inst. M-/Finland/2nd yellow label/fantastic Timmion 8
Willis, Nicole & Soul Communicators My four leaf clover / Holdin' on Finland/black label/fantastic Timmion 12
Williams, Clarence I know about love R&B Tina
Johnson, Syl I've got to get over / Falling in love again 2 great sides TMP-Ting 15
Shep Fool to fool / I'm sitting in w/demo/2 superb sides/rare demo TNT
Chandler, Deniece I don't wanna cry / Good bye cruel world awesome soul Toddlin' Town 15
Vontastics, The Let me down easy recommended Toddlin' Town
Hamlin, Billy Somebody please recommended Toy 25
Royal, Margaret I'll never go away M-/recommended Tra-x
Du Pont, Shelley & Calendars, The Stop driving me crazy   wol/great Tribune 8
Du Pont, Shelley & Calendars, The Stop driving me crazy great Tribune 10
Crook, Ed That's alright classic/lite wol
Moore, Joe Nobody loves me / Hang right in there (2 x'sol) 2 great sides Tru-Glo-Town 50
Symphonics, The Our love will grow / Way down low great Tru-lite 15
Edwards, Dee You say you love me (and need me) great Tuba
Everett, Betty Unlucky girl M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Uni 15
Everett, Betty Unlucky girl EX/demo/recommended Uni 20
Green, Garland All she didů../Don't think that I'm a violent guy 2 great sides Uni 10
Lovelites, The This love is real / Oh my love M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 nice sides Uni
Davis, Joyce Moments / Superman EX-/great/R&B flip United Artists 20
Johnson, Marv All the love I've got w/demo/recommended United Artists 20
Johnson, Marv All the love I've got recommended United Artists 15
Mimms, Garnet Look away recommended United Artists 15
Mintz, Charles Running back / inst. re-iss/with pic. Sleeve Up-Look 12
Eruptions, The Whispers getting louder/Price of love 2 great versions Val
Watson, Johnny It's better to cry M-/1st press/awesome m-tempo version Valise
Chandler, Gene Check yourself recommended Vee-Jay
Everett, Betty Trouble over the weekend/The shoe won't fit w/demo/2 great sides Vee-Jay 15
Little Anthony & Imperials, The Gonna fix you good(every time you're bad) classic Veep
T-Birds Nobody but you / Have you ever been in love before up-tempo/deep Vegas 15
T-Birds Nobody but you/Have you ever been in love before w/demo/up-tempo/deep Vegas 25
Ethics, The I want my baby back superb/MINT- Vent
Ballads, The My baby knows how to love her man recommended Venture
Ashford, Nick California soul demo/great version Verve
Prince Harold Born to please vg+/great Verve 10
Prince Harold Born to please great Verve 20
Spinners, The It's a shame great VIP
Dino & Doc A woman can't do (what a man do) (sm sl lbl ring) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Volt 30
Mad Lads, The I don't want to lose your love mid-tempo Volt 15
Jones, Jay J I don't know about you great V-Tone
Brown, Maxine Oh no not my baby ex-/wol/great
Esquires, The Part angel / I don't know recommended Wand
Hughes, Freddie Send my baby back superb Wand 12
Jackson, Chuck Hand it over / Look over your shoulder M-/2 great sides
Robinson, Rosco That's enough classic Wand
Robinson, Roscoe What you're doing to me recommended Wand
MFQ Every minute of every day recommended Warner Bros.
Forevers, The What goes around (comes around)
Magictones, The Happy days TIP!!/superb Westbound
Superlatives, The Lonely in a crowd great Westbound
Experts, The You're bein' brainwashed baby great Whirl World 15
Powell, Bobby Done got over/I'm gonna leave you 2 great sides Whit
Powell, Bobby I'm gonna leave you/Hold my hand recommended Whit 15
Damon's Orient Express, Liz You're falling in love great White Whale 8
Dubs, The Just you recommended Wilshire 30
Dubs, The Just you demo/recommended Wilshire 40
Five Stairsteps, The Playgirl's love superb Windy C 12
Five Stairsteps, The You can't see/Ain't gonna rest great Windy C 12
Latham, Geraldine Lazy lover w/demo/recommended Winner 7 11
Stereos, The Mumbling word vg+/recommended World Artists
Church, Eugene Dollar bill EX/demo/great World Pacific 25
Cortez & Entertainers, The Life/I sent her back(to to the home she loves) recommended Your Town 25
Johnson, Syl Surrounded/Straight love no chaser 2 great sides Zachron
Larry & Rexettes, The That ain't all xol/R&B/great Zorro 20
Cormier, Myra G O 2 & the rest of it/Pleasant dreams demo/2 good sides ZZZ 20
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