Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

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Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul   
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Chester St. Anthony Together (2 x's ol) / Without you EX-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides A&M 85
Rays Love another girl EX+/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Amy 300
I can't leave you
EX+/wol-flip/superb Ando 60
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes What can a man do EX+/w/promo/sm wol-flip/superb Arctic 75
Freeman, Bobby I'll never fall in love again (sm sol & xol/lbl sl off cntr) EX/classic Autumn 75
Hunt, Clay Your love's gone bad EX-/superb Bay Sound 75
Hunt, Clay Your love's gone bad M-/light warp-nap/superb Bay Sound 85
Forrest, Danny It'll never be over for me (M- apart from sm mark-nap) M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb version Bigtop 75
Hunt, Geraldine Two can live cheaper than one (circle wol & wol) EX+/yellow label/superb Bombay 100
Dixon, Johnny Where are you / Same-inst. EX/great Boss 60
Wood, Brenton Sweet Molly Malone (light circle wol) / Cross the bridge VG++/red promo/2 great sides Brent 75
Carter, Chuck I can't help myself (xol) / Pretty litle brown skin girl M-/y/promo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Brunswick 75
Chandler, Gene There was a time M-/classic Brunswick 50
Loreleis A strange way M-/y/promo/Inc Co slv/recommended Brunswick 75
Cooperettes Shing-a-ling VG/plays decent/classic Brunswick 125
Ross, Jackie Keep your chin up / Love is easy to lose M-/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too Brunswick 40
Jacobs, Hank Elijah rockin' with soul EX-/wol-flip/classic Call Me 85
Tempos Countdown here I come / Same M-/w/promo/classic/superb Canterbury 300
Cook, Jerry I hurt on the other side (light scuff-nap) EX/promo/Inc Co slv/classic Capitol 300
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham Lover and a friend (sm sol) EX+/sl warp-nap/Inc Co slv/great Capitol 75
Terrell, Phil I'll erase you from my heart / I'm just a young boy M-/w/promo/2 superb sides Carnival 125
Bob Brady And The Con Chords Goodbye baby (stmol/sm wol) VG++/red label/classic Northern Chariot 100
Ellis, Shirley Soul time / Waitin' EX+/classic/great flip too Columbia 60
Lucien, John What a difference love makes (demo sol) EX+/Inc Co slv/superb/rare issue-stock copy Columbia 60
Rankin, Kenny In the name of love EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/great Columbia 150
Voices, Incorporated Thinkin' (light stmol) M-/date-wol/Inc Co slv/great/rare issue-stock copy Columbia 200
Austin, Patti A-tisket a-tasket (light wol) VG++/feint stmol-flip/light lbl ring wear/Inc Co slv/classic Coral 60
Sonny Til And The Orioles Hey! Little woman EX+/recommended/rare issue-stock copy CP Parker 150
Edythe Alexandrea And The Band My dearest darling M-/2 ink stamps on both lbls/great Cross Fire 75
Theo-Coff Invasion Lucky day / Nocturnal flower M-/w/promo/Inc repro Co slv/2 great insts Dearborn 75
Carter, J.T. Closer to your heart / The wild ones EX+/Inc Co slv/classic/great flip too/rarer issue-stock copy Decca 125
Little Charles And The Sidewinders It's a heartache / I'm available EX-/EX/promo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Decca 150
Little Charles And The Sidewinders Talkin' about you, babe / A taste of the good life EX+/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Decca 150
E. J. & The Echoes People day / Put a smile on your face VG++/2 superb sides Diamond Jim 125
Big Maybelle Quittin' time / I can't wait any longer (wol) EX-/UK/4 prong centre/2 superb sides Direction 75
Bronzettes Moments / Beggin baby don't leave me EX-/2 superb sides Double Soul 60
Grier, Roosevelt Pizza pie man (sl ink smudge ol) EX-/classic D-Town 85
Grier, Roosevelt Pizza pie man EX+/classic D-Town 100
Huey, Claude Feel good all over M-/w/promo/classic/stunning condition Early Bird 100
Folger, Dan The way of the crowd EX-/Inc Co slv/classic mid-tempo/rare issue-stock copy Elf 100
Hamilton, Roy Earthquake EX-/w/promo/stmol-flip/Inc Co slv/great Epic 85
Chuck Corby & The Entrees I need your love M-/recommended Fee Bee 75
Steelers Crying bitter tears / Walk alone EX+/orange-blue lbl/2 great sides Glow Star 85
Appalachian, Johnny Up in smoke / A mountain of a man M-/demo/wol/classic/great flip too Goldie 75
Lawrence & The Arabians I'll try harder M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Hem 100
Mr. Lee Wouldn't be here EX-/w/demo/recommended Imperial 50
Sam E. Solo Love is not a game / Tears keep falling M-/promo/superb/great flip too Imperial 40
Armstead, Joshie Sitting here thinking / Looking for a lover-boy M-/light label ring/2 great sides Infinity 75
Bell Boys I don't want to lose you (light wol/lbl ring scuff) / Woman I love EX-/classic/great flip too Jamar 200
Embers It ain't necessary / Mexican divorce EX+/superb version/nice flip JCP 100
Hambrick, Billy Just can't take it no more EX+/2 x's ol-flip//recommended Jovial 40
James, Marion I'm the woman for you EX-/w/promo/# 400/superb/rare promo/TOP TIP!!! K and J 85
T.C. Lee & The Bricklayers Up and down the hill M-/y/promo/Inc Co slv/superb King 600
Ferguson, Sheila How Did That Happen (wol) / Little Red Riding Hood EX/reversed labels/2 superb sides Landa 100
Newman, Dave Make up your mind / Can't take no for an answer M-/v sl warp-nap/2 great sides Look 125
King, Anna The Big Change EX/great Ludix 75
Johnny Wesley And the Four Tees You still need me (xol) / It's the talk of the town EX/2 superb sides Melic 100
Soul City I shot for the moon / I will take care of you EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Mercury 150
Young Jessie My country cousin / Teacher gimmie back M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/2 superb R&B sides Mercury 350
Groovers I'm a bashful guy / Just go for me EX+/promo/v sl lbl ring wear/2 great sides Minit 75
Showmen The wrong girl (slim edge chip-nap/cueing) EX/classic Minit 85
Showmen The wrong girl EX/v feint lbl ring/classic Minit 100
Styles Baby You're Alive / I Know You Know That I Know EX+/w/demo/sl warp-nap/superb/great group soul flip Modern 50
Eckstine, Billy I wonder why (nobody loves me) / Same M-/white promo/superb R&B Motown 100
Hill, Eddie Nothing sweeter (sol) / Same-Inst. EX-/w/promo/wol/superb M-S 125
Valentine, Rose I've gotta know right now M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/classic RCA 100
And The Echoes Tell me anything but give love / I've always wanted someone like you EX+/tiny wol/2 superb sides Soultrain 50
Fabulettes Screamin' and shoutin' EX/light lbl ring/superb/rarer issue-stock copy Sound Stage 7 75
Mamie Galore It ain't necessary (sm red star ink stamp ol) / Don't think I could stand it EX+/w/promo/classic/great flip too/rare promo St. Lawrence 60
James & Bobby Purify Let love come between us M-/UK/promo/recommended Stateside 75
Shane, Jackie In my tenement (xol) / Comin' down (sm light wol) EX/vinyl/2 superb sides Sue 100
Buster Jones Baby boy M-/promo/ultra sl lbl wear/no (XXX) on flip lbl/superb Sure-Shot 75
Showmen Our love will grow / You're everything VG+/classic/great flip too/plays great Swan 100
Isley Brothers Why when love is gone M-/superb/classic Tamla 50
Little Jewel I want you (sm light stmol) / It doesn't matter VG++/w/promo/superb/great flip too Tayster  175
Master Four Love from the far east EX+/w/promo/classic Tayster 75
Evans, Mill When I'm ready M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Tou-sea 75
Sherry & The Inverts I'm lost / I was made to love you VG+/w/promo/superb/great flip too Tower 75
Sherry & The Inverts I'm lost / I was made to love you EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too Tower 100
Gardner, Don My baby likes to boogaloo EX+/w/promo/great raw R&B/very rare promo Tru-Glo-Town 75
Rose St. John Mend My Broken Heart / And If I Had My way VG+/w/promo/feint wol/plays great/2 great sides United Artists 85
Hughes, Fred Don't let me down EX/oval logo label/superb Vee-Jay 75
Garrett, Vernon Angel doll / Hop, skip & jump M-/classic Venture 60
Banks, Robert A mighy good way EX+/promo/great Verve 75
Moorer, Betty Speed up EX/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Wand 200

Crossover / 70’s / Modern Soul

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Artist Title Comments Label Price   
Dells Your song M-/at their best!/superb 20th Century 75
John, Robert Raindrops, love and sunshine  / When the party is over M-/Germany/Inc EX+ colour pic slv/woc & soc/2 greats sides A&M
Esquires My sweet baby / Same M-/UK/promo/superb Action 85
Perry, Greg It takes heart / Same M-/promo/Inc Co slv/classic Alfa 75
Hiroshima Never, ever M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Arista 100
All Spice  Slipped away / Same-mono M-/promo/great At-Home 
McCrae, Gwen Keep the fire burning / Same-mono EX/promo/Inc Co slv/classic Atlantic 50
Gaha, Sammy Thank you, thank you EX+/France/Inc EX+ pic slv/superb Barclay 100
Taylor, Alex Slowly turning to love EX+/highly recommended Best 50
Coffee, Cream & Sugar Gotta find a way / Dance my way into your life M-/x-over/funky dancer-dlip/great Both Sides
Lost Generation Pretty little angel eyes / You only get out of love EX+/w/promo/2 superb sides Brunswick 60
Darin, Curt Two on a cloud / Grown up fairy tale M-/promo/Inc Co slv/2 superb sides Buddah
Jefferson, Rosetta Everything I see in you / I can't keep holding on EX-/2 great x-over sides Cape Music 75
Lizzmore, Michael Promise that you'll wait M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/great version Capitol 60
Chopper Love looks good on you (tiny mark-few feint ticks) EX+/highly recommended Chopper 100
Bobby Womack & Brotherhood Home is where the heart is / Same-mono EX+/w/promo/classic Columbia
Mercury, Eric Take me girl I'm ready / Same-mono M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb version Columbia 40
Thompson, Rick What do I have to do M-/w/demo/light wol/superb Columbia 125
Intrepids To make you love me M-/Inc Co slv/superb Cotillion
Sidney Joe Qualls Run to me / Same-mono M-/w/promo/highly recommended Dakar 40
Jimmy Beaumont And The Skyliners Our day is here M-/superb version Drive 40
Sly Slick & Wicked All I want is you / Same M-/w/promo/9 written on one label/superb Epic 75
Willow Band Willowman / Same-mono M-/w/promo/great Epic 60
Lil Willie & The Rockin' Imperials A man don't last too long M-/tiny warp-nap/recommended Golden 50
Starr, Edwin Running back and forth (wol) / Time (title at bottom of label) EX+/classic/superb Gordy 60
Lance, Major I got a right to cry EX+/w/demo/v sl warp-nap/great version Osiris 40
Pure Velvet Hooked on your love / I'm tired of dreaming M-/2 great sides Osiris 40
Ebonys I'm So Glad I'm Me / Do you like the way I love (wol) EX-/inc Co slv/2 superb sides/rare issue-stock copy Phil. Int. 35
White, Anthony Hey baby (XOL) / Same-mono M-/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Phil. Int. 60
Havens, Richie What about me EX/UK/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Polydor
Parker, Eddie Body chains (vocal) / Same M-/w/promo/recommended Prodigal 40
Cole, Billy Extra careful M-/Jamaica/superb R & E Enterprises 40
Graham, Ralph What am I to do / Same M-/demo/Inc Co slv/superb RCA 40
Green, Garland Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us M-/demo/superb RCA 60
Rare Gems Odyssey It don't take much M-/superb x-over/like new! Renfro 60
Cold Blood I'm a good woman EX+/Inc Co slv/superb version San Francisco 75
Freddie Terrell & The Soul Expedition Band Soul Know How To Make Music / Respect Yourself M-/w/promo/great funk/funk inst flip Shout 50
Pulse Here we are M-/great 80's Silver Cloud 60
Jensen, Doug Get out of my life girl M-/catchy dancer/great Sorrell 40
Electrifying Cashmeres What does it take to win your love / Ooh, I love you  M-/promo/Inc Co slv/superb version/awesome group flip Sound Stage 7 75
Pat Sands And The Pebbles Loving him M-/promo/superb Sussex
Beck, Floyd I'm In Love EX+/awesome soul Timeless 60
Mandells I can't forget Part 1 / Same Part 2 and 3 M-/tiny wol-flip/pale yellow lbl/great Trans World Sound 75
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Big time lover / Same-mono (sm feint lbl stain) EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb United Artists 30
Rising Love You take my heart away (light wol) / Same-mono EX+/w/promo/Inc Co slv/superb Venture 40
Image We're movin M-/highly recommended Verdy 40
Drake, Kent Boss thing together / Without a lady's hand EX+/promo/Inc Co slv/superb x-over/nice flip too Wand 75
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